Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay Cruises - Because of its uniqueness and its historical and cultural impact. Ha Long Bay has proudly become one of the 830 UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites. It is very proud when Halong bay get this award. Overnight Halong bay cruises you will have the opportunity to visit the limestone shaped islands.

Thanks to the shaped islands and tunnel caves, these make Halong Bay unique for its scenery. The name of islands given and named as its shape such as Chicken Island, Turtle Island, Human Head Island, Fight Cock Island, etc. These islands are named by fisherman who saw the shapes as these animals and shapes within the sides of the cliffs. Some fishermen are still alive now and fish on the floating fishing villages.

Halong Bay cruise trip is a nice mix for relaxing and enjoyable.

Vietnamese government has some policies in tourism especially community tourism. Therefore, during the Halong Bay cruise trip you can relax on board, visit a floating village, pearl farm, ect...

When you visit floating villages where local fishermen raise sea creatures such as fish, snails, shrimp, crab, ect, you can see the process they raise. And you can buy them and bring back your cruise, Hanoi city or other cities for your enjoyment as your wish. That is why when you book a cruise Halong bay trip, most cruise has fresh seafood in their menu.

When you bring back the cruise, the chef on the cruise can cook it for you with free of charge. While the sun down you can enjoy the sunset, the gentle waves. With a cruise trip in Halon Bay, most of cruise has itinerary to relax and swim on nice sandy beach, kayak on the pure sea water.

This is the best part of the trip which you are the most love and impression!


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Because of its uniqueness and its historical and cultural impact,  Ha Long Bay  has proudly become one of the 830 UNESCO World Heritage sites. UNESCO is the UnitedNations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and its dedication to the preservation of humanity and culture makes it an honorable and prestigious title to be awarded. The Bay offers a perfect balance of those three traits that gave it a place in their ranks...


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With a lot of things to do in Halong Bay Vietnam, it is difficult to decide what to begin with. When you come here, let make a plan to visit floating markets where sell tropical fruits of the country ad region. Then jin water sport activities as your own arrangement. Or you can book a cruise trip for having relaxing on beach, kayaking on the bay, ect. It is also a chance to visit and discover the wildlife at Cat Ba Island. Plus get pleasure from famous or belief restaurant for sea food eating experiences.

You can book a cruise trip on the water or choose seaplane for viewing the numerous islands of amazing Halong Bay scenery. Below are list for suggestions which help you to take the advantage for your travel to Vietnam