All Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Quang Binh

Quang Binh Province is in Central Vietnam. It connects Quang Binh with Hue, Danang and Hoian for Rod of Heritage Road. Quang Binh is becoming famous for Phong Nha Cave – the world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Nowadays, Quang Binh is widely well-known for Son Doong Cave – the new and biggest cave in the world and have set tour each one month.

Moreover, Quang Binh is famous for the king of cave. Therefore, it offers the journey with the discovery of complex of caves in Phong Nha Ke Bang national park – a World Natural Heritage.

In addition, there are many beautiful beaches to relax such as Nhat Le or Da Nhay (Dancing Stone) under Da Nhay mountain pass. The best time to visit Quang Binh is summer from May to September. At that time, you can climb up the mountains and swim down in the sea at the same time for the whole day fresh.

How to get to Quang Binh?

Quang Binh is a famous for tourism destination now. There are many different transportations in and out quang Binh. Visitors can travel by train, bus or plane to Dong Hoi (the centre of Quang Binh province).

  1. By train

There are many trains to Dong Hoi each day. It is about 8 trains from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The distance from Hanoi to Dong Hoi is about 600km (375 miles). And it takes about 10 hours to get there.

While the distance from Sai Gon to Dong Hoi is about 1250km (750miles and takes about 20 hours to reach there.

  1. By high quality bus (Open sleeper bus)

Because it is one of the tourist places. Therefore, there are also bus daily stop in Dong Hoi city. Here are some bus companies which visitors can book a ticket from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh to Dong Hoi

  • Hoang Long bus. Add: 3 Nguyen Khoai – Hai Ba Trung district – Hanoi (Luong Yen bus station). Tel: +844.3987.7225
  • Sinh Cafe (open tour): 38 Ly Nam De – Hoan Kiem district – Hanoi. Tel:+8498.8757.689
  • Dong Hien bus: 281 Doi Can – Ba Dinh district. Tel: +844.3832.7330
  • Hung Long bus: 338 Tran Khat Chan – Cau Giay District – Hanoi. Tel: +844.3972.4505 or +84914.077.779
  • Hoang Long bus. 292 Dinh Bo Linh – Binh Thanh district – Ho Chi Minh City (Mien Dong bus station). Tel: +848.2243.8989
  • Sinh Cafe. 246-248 De Tham street – District 1. Tel: +848.3838.9597
  • By plane

Dong Hoi airport is a domestic one. There are some flights of Vietnam Airlines to Dong Hoi. You can travel also from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh to Dong Hoi by flight. Other destinations you must choose by bus or private transport.

When is the best time to travel to Quang Binh?

Quang Binh is located in the tropical monsoon region. It is always affected by the climate of the north and south. The province divided into two seasons. The rainy season from September to March next year, September to Nov. The dry season is from April to August, with the highest temperatures being June, July and August.

  • The best time to go to Quang Binh is around April & May. Because this time not too much rain but not too hot.
  • If you like the activities under the water, you can go around June to July to enjoy, hot sun with high temperatures at this time waving in the cool water will be great.
  • The end of the year from September to November is usually the time when storms begin to move gradually into the Central. But if Quang Binh travel at this time, you pay attention to watch the weather forecast to ensure safety .

Hotels in Quang Binh

Quang Binh offers many ranges of hotels for accommodation. Most of them are in Dong Hoi city and along Nhat Le Beach. Some are homestay which is far from city centre.

Guesthouse and mini hotel: Cost is around 8 usd to 15 usd/room/per night.

  • Duong Sat guesthouse. Contact Mr. Hai at +84982.079.969 or +845.2383.8904.
  • Tu Linh hotel at 21 Truong Phap street, Call +845.2382.1324.
  • Cong Doan Nhat Le hotel on Truong Phap street – Dong Hoi. Tel: +8452.822.369
  • Phuong Nam hotel at 10 Quang Trung street – Dong Hoi city. Tel: +8452.820.390

Hotel 3 star:

Phong Nha hotel at 5 Truong Phap street. Tel: +8452.824.971

Luke hotel, Saigon Quang Binh hotel, etc

Luxury hotel: Muong Thanh luxury Nhat Le hotel, Sun Spa resort, Royal Quang Binh hotel, Riverside hotel Quang Binh

Homestay: Chay Lap Rustic, Chay Lap Farmstay, etc

What to visit in Quang Binh?

In fact Quang Binh is a beautiful destination in the center of Vietnam. There are a lot of sightseeings to discover also activities. From trekking adventure to luxury beach holiday. Here are some suggestions to discover. It depends on the time vistors have in Quang Binh to get more exploration. Your Quang Binh tours should bee visit all of the most beautiful sites as below.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

It is in both the provincial districts of Bo Trach and Minh Hoa. The national park is the habitant of massive karsts and many caves and grottoes. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park has recognized as the World National Heritage since 2013.

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha cave is named after the national park in which it is located. It has a wet cave and a dry cave. The wet cave is the ceiling along the river around 1km which has a breathtaking beauty. It may surprise you from the start. The stalactites and stalagmites glitter brightly. Yes, the massive ceiling with a variety of stunning topographical features and the blue water river flowing inside will create unforgettable time.

Paradise cave or Thien Duong Cave

It is one of the most famous caves in Vietnam for its shape. The gate into the cave is very small for only one person through. In 2005, the whole length was recorded to reach 31km by British explorers. The name Paradise is for its majestic and visitors are actually in paradise whenever you are here.

Da Nhay beach

It is 40km towards the North of Dong Hoi city. In fact, it is one of the most important sites in Quang Binh apart from the complex of caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. It is as the jumping stones with a large number of rocks reaching the sky.

Dark cave & zip line (Hang Toi)

Dark Cave is before there is no light in the cave. visitors must a a light while travel to the cave. walk inside visitors can have mud bathing and enjoy the wild beauties of this cave.

In addition, it combines with Vietnam’s longest zip-line, the main attraction is venturing into the cave. All make the trip to dark Cave wonderful for mud bathing and swimming on river

Son Dong cave

Son Doong cave is getting its international fame thanks to a recent recognition of ABC Channel of America. It is one of the world’s biggest caves which attracts a number of thrill-seekers from all over the world to discover. It stretches over 5km, reaching up to 200m tall and 150m wide. In contrast, it is not easy to travel because it requires highly adventurous spirit and good health to conquer in. All must have a strict health check before you are accepted to join this trip.

Bang Mineral Hot Spring

Bang Mineral Hot Spring is the sole hot water source with the temperature of 105ºC. Because of the elements found in the water, the hot spring has become internationally recognized. Bang Mineral Hot Spring is located 60km south of Dong Hoi City, in Kim Thuy Commune, Le Thuy District, Quang Binh Province.

Quang Binh

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