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Mu Cang Chai is a highland district of Yen Bai province in the north adjoining Van Ban district of Lao Cai province, in the south by Muong La district of Son La province, in the west by Than Uyen district of Lai Chau province in the west. It borders Van Chan district with the province.

How Mu Cang Chai is unique?

The district lies at the foot of the Hoang Lien Mountains, at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. To reach Mu Cang Chai district, go through Khau Pha pass - one of the four Great Passes of the Northwest. Mu Cang Chai is about 280km from Hanoi, each season receives thousand visitor from all over the country to visit.

Whenever you get in Mu Cang Chai, be able to be impressed by the marvelous surroundings of the terraced fields, distinctive tradition and tradtional life of individuals residing there.

There are more than 500 ha of terraced fields in three communes. Such as. La pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh. For years, Mu Cang Chai has develop into a great stops for all nature lovers and adventurous travellers. If you are trekker. So Trekking adventure in Mu Cang chai is one of the most highlight destination in Vietnam.

When is the best time to visit Mu Cang Chai?

Mu Cang Chai has two most beautiful seasons that you can arrange time to visit, other seasons to Mu Cang Chai similar like Sapa. But if you travel on other season more quite number of visitor to visit. Because it still undiscovered if compare sapa.

  • Around mid-September to mid-October is the season of grain, at which point the entire Mu Cang Chai will yellow colored rice, the weather is nice and convenient to visit this place. The most appropriate time is from 15th Sept to 10th Oct every year, before this time the green rice, after about this is almost harvested.
  • Approximately May and June is pour water season. When the summer rains began pouring down the mountain, the water is led from the mountains on the terraces. Water spills into the fields making the arid soil softer and hatched so that the rice can be transplanted. This is also the time when farmers start plowing for a new crop. Therefore, in the mountainous terraced fields, rice can only grow one crop per year. The ladder in the sun in the afternoon to create a beauty that so many visitors to be surprised.

Hoe to go to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi?

From Hanoi, you can go straight to Mu Cang Chai by private car or you may take a bed on publish bus to reach the beautiful land of Mu Cang Chai. It's much easier nowadays. Because the free way Ha Noi - Lao Cai. So if you travel to Mu Cang Chai you will catch the bus with route (Hanoi - Lai Chau) because the bus will passing Mu Cang Chai area.

After few days in Mu Cang Chai. You want to go to Sapa? if yes. So here is useful for you.

From Mu Cang Chai, if you go to Sapa, you can contact Tuan Hue 0915560480 or Xuan Ly Bus 01652565999. Or Lao Cai - Mu Cang Chai. Car depart at 7am in Lao Cai and 9am in Mu Cang Chai Town.


If you come to Mu Cang Chai at peak times (such as the cultural festival of terraced fields). It is almost difficult to book. Because the number of motels in Mu Cang Chai is limited. If you only Whether in Mu Cang Chai 1 day or Mu Cang Chai is just one point in your Amazing journey. So you can choose to sleep in the surrounding areas such as Tu Le Commune or Nghia Lo Town ...

You may interest about accommodation in Tu Le.

Best time to take photos?

To capture beautiful pictures of Tu Le terrace rice field, you should be at the peak of Khau Pha pass from 7am to 9am (after this time it can still be sunny but will be blind, not illuminated). To do this you should sleep at Tu Le or go further 7km to Khau Pha Pass, above there is a restaurant - guest house with about 20 rooms for visitors. From here it only takes about 15 minutes is up to the top of the pass.

Mu Cang Chai

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