All Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a province in northeastern Vietnam. It borders Cao Bang to the East, Yen Bai and Lao Cai to the West, and Tuyen Quang to the South by China.

How Ha Giang is unique?

Situated in the northern highlands of Vietnam. Ha Giang is a majestic mountain range with a high altitude ranging from 800 m to 1,200 m above sea level. This is a high concentration of mountains. According to recent statistics, It's covering about 8,000 km2 but thre are 49 high mountains from 500m - 2,500m.

The land of the beginning of the country together with Dong Van stone plateau and scenic terraces Hoang Su Phi. Ha Giang has been an extremely popular destination for adventure lover. In recent years, due to the development of transport infrastructure as well as services... Travel to Ha Giang has become more widespread. Ha Giang tours are open also homestay services in Ha Giang bloom. Ha Giang is more crowded. Especially at weekend sometime get traffic jam. Many new tourist sites are built to serve tourists.

Ha Giang has many untouched primary forests, fresh ecological environment and contains many interesting potential. The sloping forest, sloping hidden in silver clouds, many peaks above 2,000 m as Pu Ta Kha, Tay Con Linh special Quan Ba heaven gate. There are mysterious caves. Such as such as Tung Ba, Lung Me, Vi Vien, Tung Vai, Hang Hai and Sang Tung.

Ha Giang is blessed with a longstanding culture of the Dong Son bronze age, with prehistoric monuments in Bac Me and Meo Vac. This is also a province with many ethnic minorities living in the Northeast of Vietnam. There are 22 ethnic groups with their own traditional customs, cultures and festivals have made Ha Giang become attractive places to visit. In addition, Ha Giang has a unique landscape of a mountainous province with limestone mountains in the North and jungles in the south. In 2010, the geological park of Dong Van Plateau (CVDC) was recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark network. September 2012 Hoang Su Phì terraced rice field has been recognized as a national monument Hoang Su Phi terraces.

When is the best time to travel to Ha Giang?

If you have not arrived in Ha Giang yet, you can schedule a trip to Ha Giang by the time you are free. Because Ha Giang is a destination that according to the tourist rating "every season is beautiful"

  • From October to November is the season of Trichet, you go around the third week of October until around early November is beautiful.
  • From December to the Lunar New Year. It will be yellow roses scattered in some places. Such as Quyet Tien, Pho Cau, and Soc Son.
  • Before and after Lunar New Year is the time of plum blossom and peach blossom.
  • June - August is the summer. Ha Giang always sunny is a good time to have beautiful pictures of the plateau. But in the summer can often encounter rain.
  • September is the season of rice in the highlands, this time that visiting Hoang Su Phi is so great

How to get to Ha Giang?

By private transfer:

From Ha Noi to Ha Giang about 300km, if you like to travel in the direction of your friends or change the way back to another road, you can completely run your motorcycle or personal car from Hanoi. Time to Hanoi - Ha Giang will be about 8 - 10 hours depending on speed, plus time rest.

By publish bus:

Ha Noi - Ha Giang bus routes usually depart from My Dinh bus station, time from 19-22h every night, there is also a daytime car but not many.

How can travel from Ha Giang City to sightseeing places?

Here is the lists of bus and travel route we would like to recommend.

Coach Ha Giang - Quan Ba

Cuong Thuy

  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5h00-6h00 Quan Ba ​​12h00-16h00
  • Phone: 0915 407522

Thang Phuong

  • Departure time: Ha Giang 11h30 Quan Ba ​​6h00
  • Phone: 0915 185434


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 12h00 Quan Ba ​​6h30
  • Phone: 0912 369134

Ha Giang - Yen Minh


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 12h00-13h00 Yen Minh 6h30-7h00
  • Tel: 0904 256279


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 15h30 Yen Minh 5h30
  • Phone: 0912 120566

Route Ha Giang - Dong Van


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5h00-12h00 Dong Van 5h00-12h00
  • Phone: 0915 448933


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5h00-12h00 Dong Van 5h00-12h00
  • Phone: 0984 520371


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 12h30 Dong Van 5h00
  • Phone: 0979 682261

Ha Giang - Meo Vac


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5h00-11h30 Meo Vac 6h30-13h00
  • Tel: 0912394082


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5h00 Meo Vac 5h00
  • Phone: 0167 2116226


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 9h00 Meo Vac 12h00
  • Phone: 0987 382992


  • Departure time: Ha Giang 10h30-12h30 Meo Vac 5h00-10h00
  • Phone: 0946744733
Ha Giang

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