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Vietnam Food Culture

Pau Play Day Cake

Spherical sticky rice cake is constituted of glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is soaked in water about 2 hours after which pours it into the pot. After that, sticky rice will likely be put into mortar. Spherical sticky rice cake might be eaten with sugar. These...

Western cuisine in Halong Bay

Is it easy to find Western cuisine in Halong Bay ? Yes it's. Similar to any other famous tourist destination in the World. Beside it's very good local fresh seafoods. Halong has a wide range of Western cuisine dishes to serve for international passengers.

Da Nang Cuisine

Beside sightseeing, swimming... in Danang. But the food of the people here will help you fully satisfied with your holiday in Da Nang . If you are still wondering what to eat in Da Nang? Ok. Let's go over some interesting dishes and Da Nang cuisine that you...

Egg Coffee in Hanoi

How much have you heard about Hanoi egg coffee? It seems it is a must to try for a foodie in Hanoi. You can see the drinks in cafes throughout Hanoi. And it has been a staple since the 1950s, with one barista describing it as appearing on “every cafe...

Hanoi street food

Hanoi street food is known as local specialty in the capital of Vietnam. Many foreigners, who visit Hanoi, often say that these kinds of food is the best thing about their tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Discovery

A journey for the Hanoi discovery has attracted many tourists’ attention because you can enjoy the best things in Hanoi that you can imagine, one of which is the amazing food culture.

Top 5 Recommended Food in Halong

Halong tours are very popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. To fully enjoy this wonderful place you need to be well-prepared. These Halong travel tips below are very useful for tourists to have a fantastic holiday in Vietnam.

Top 10 Japanese Restaurant in Da Nang

Da Nang is always a "play paradise" for devotees passionate about tourism. Not only possessing super fun places, when travel to Da Nang , you also enjoy a culinary convergence from many countries. Here are the Top 10 Japanese restaurants in Danang that we would like...

Top 10 Best Korean Restaurants in Danang

The dishes of Ginseng from South Korea always attractive to customers by the strange mouth. Let's discover the top 10 best Korean restaurants in Danang below and compare how is different with Original ones.

Top 5 Italian Restaurant in Da Nang

Is it first time travel to Da Nang ? How is different Italian food here? Here are top 5 Italian restaurants in Danang that convey the best Italian essence to Da Nang diners. Save the address to visit sometimes.

Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurant in Da Nang

Coming to Danang, tourists not only to visit the beautiful scenery. Not only to enjoy seafood but sometimes they want to find a peaceful and serene place of spiritual land and to open their heart to the Vegetarian meal. Let's discover some delicious vegetarian...

Top 10 Delicious Da Nang Restaurants

Coming to Danang, a city worth living in, besides experiences convenient services, visiting famous sightseeing spots. Food is also a great experience not to be missed. Here is top 10 delicious Da Nang restaurants. Will introduce you to specialties that you should...

Recommended Hotels in Danang


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