All Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is a group of 367 islands, Cat Ba island in the southern part of Ha Long Bay, off the coast of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh province. It's about 30 km from Hai Phong city center and 25 km from Ha Long City.

How Cat Ba island is special?

It has been recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in the world. Infrastructure is also quite developed with a combination of many hotels, motels, resorts, pagodas. Legend has it that the island is the Lady, the rear for the their husband. During the time Giong saint. Who fight against to invader to safe for Viet people. In Cat Ba town, there is a shrine. The administrative maps of the French colonial period (such as the 1938 map) also recorded Ladies. Thus, perhaps, the names of the Ladies were read to Cat Ba.

When is the best to travel to Cat Ba Island?

For people living in the North of Vietnam, the best time to go to Cat Ba is when the summer comes, the period from April to August in the North is also high temperature can be bathed. If you do not mind to go to the beach, you can go to Cat Ba in September 9-11, this weather is quite nice for some activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, kayaking.

How to get to Cat Ba island?

  • From Hanoi you can choose high quality coach or train to Haiphong. Passenger cars run continuously at Luong Yen wharf, Gia Lam. From Ha Noi to Haiphong, there are 4 times a day from 6pm to 9pm, 20h20 - 18h10 (train at Long Bien station, 15mins from Gia Lam station).
  • If you travel from Saigon. So you can take fly directly to Hai Phong (Cat Bi airport). All the airlines Vietnam Airlines, JetStar, VietJetAir have this route.

Then From Hai Phong you can reach to Cat Ba island via two ferry routes Dinh Vu - Ninh Tac and Ben Got - Cai Vieng. These ferries currently have six large ferries and six small ferries, totaling 37 daily trips. Ferries in Dinh Vu wharf operate from 6h30 to 17h (1h /trip), ferry boat station from 6h-18h.

  • But if you travel by your own from Hai Phong City go to Dinh Vu port. From here you buy ferry tickets, running time about 45 minutes will go to Cat Hai. Just follow the straight road from the ferry about 20 minutes will go to Ben Got ferry. Then take another ferry turn about 20'you will to Cat Ba Island.
  • Alternatively, you can go to Tuan Chau (Quang Ninh) via Tuan Chau - Gia Luan ferry, operating at a frequency of 45 'per trip.

The popular publish transfer Hai Phong - Cat Ba - Hai Phong

  • Take the hydrofoil directly from Hai Phong to Cat Ba, the advantage of this choice is the fast travel time. The disadvantage is that unfamiliar people can be after the wave
  • Take the high speed train + bus (high-speed train avoid waves), this option is quite a lot of people choose because high-speed train only to Cai Vieng wharf. From here will transfer to the bus company then move with Road to Cat Ba.

Traveling on Cat Ba island

On Cat Ba Island there are many options for transportation. In the area near and around the town you can rent bikes, electric bike. At the farther away you can ride a motorbike or rent a motorbike to take the initiative, with crowded you can also take a taxi.

Accommodation in Cat Ba Island

In Cat Ba, there are hundreds of motels scattered all over the town, most of which are in the coastal area of ​​1/4. The number of rooms can meet tens of thousands of tourists. The price of hotel accommodation during the week (Monday to Thursday) is usually 50% lower than the price of the weekend. Hotel prices in the tourist season is twice as high as the normal season.

Therefore, if you can arrange the time you should spend about 2 days normal to explore and travel Cat Ba. Another experience for you to take the initiative to rest is to book online early through the Agoda booking system. This is a fairly prestigious booking system in the world. However, to place You also need to have a clear and detailed plan for your perfect trip.

Top recommend Hotels & Resort

Cat Ba Sunrise Resort

  • Address: Cat Co 3, Cat Ba Town

Little Cat Ba Hotel

  • Address: 350 Ha Sen, Cat Ba Town
  • Tel: 0986 836838

Whisper Nature Bungalow

  • Address: Viet Hai Village, Cat Ba Town

Cat Ba Eco-Lodge Hotel

  • Address: Xuan Dam Village, Cat Ba Town

Sea Pearl Hotel

  • Address: 219 Nui Ngoc street, Cat Ba town

Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa

  • Address: Cat Co 1, Cat Ba Town

What to do in Cat Ba

Many of you wonder, to Cat Ba, what to play or simply eat to sleep and then return to the land? If so, you probably do not experience all the interesting things that are easy to find in Cat Ba. Let's see some suggestions of the same for you.

Boat trip to see Lan Ha Bay

It's depend on your group size. You can rent large boats to see the Gulf, stop at a wilderness beach or a quiet area to swim or kayak. If you go the number of people can rarely rent the small boat. It's easy to find and book cruise trip to La Ha Bay from Cai Beo port.

Kayaking activities

For the convenience of rowing, you are required to rent a boat to see the bay (or simply buy a kayak tour). Often the boat will take you to the calm area, near the shore easier for rowing. Some places to kayak such as Dark & Light cave,Tung Gau area and three peaches beach.

Biking to Viet Hai Village

From Cat Ba town, it takes about 1 hour to get to Viet Hai village by boat. At the pier there is a bicycle rental service for you. From here to the village only about 5km. You will be cycling between the four natural mountains, a coastal road, across the mountain. Come to the village, continue to bike to the end of the village and ask the way to the old house in the forest, a bit far but interesting. This is a private home so if you want to take a photo you need to ask permission. In Viet Hai extremely mosquitoes and insects, you should apply the insect repellent before going.

Trekking Cat Ba National Park

There are many trekking routes that you can explore depending on your own ability and strength. One interesting route you should consider is Frog Lake - Viet Hai village. This route is about 8km long.

Starting from the Cat Ba National Park Headquarters, you will start with more than 2km ecotourism route, passing through May Bau Peak. Where ancient Da trees pass through the primeval forests. Here we have passed a total of 6km of the road. Frog lake is the largest freshwater lake on the island, continue trek about 2km you will reach to Viet Hai village. Come here, if you still have the ability to walk 5km to the pier. If convenient to go to the ship back to the docks.

Mountain climbing in Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay

Climbing on the Cat Ba is very attractive, especially foreign guests. There are dozens of mountaineering points on the islands of Lan Ha Bay, on the land and around the Cat Ba area, creating a highlight for Pearl Island tourism with cliffs, challenging those who love the sport. This adventure. Presently on the islands scattered across the bays of the Cat Ba archipelago, there are 8 climbing points in Cat Ba and a number of other points in Ha Long Bay are exploited as adventure tourism climbing Cat Ba.

There are Ben Beo, Fish Cave, Three Peach Island, Pen Islet, Tien Ong Island, Cliff "Three Brothers", Lien Minh Valley (Tran Chau Commune)... Most climbers come from Western countries and they are the object of exploring many adventure and climbing places in the islands of Cat Ba and Ha Long.

Tourist spots in Cat Ba

Cat Ba has not only sea, but even forests, mountains are also available. Cat Ba National Park can be a place for trekking, the small islands in the bay where you can play adventure climbing, crossing the road or the road to the village of Tran Chau commune is a bit like the. North-West Pass Road, Viet Hai village features bold characteristics of the North. All these things are not attractive enough and interesting to attract you to Cat Ba, then Phượt will continue to introduce you all the best what you can find in the beautiful island. Here are the top place to visit.

Cat Ba Island

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