All Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Ca Mau

Referring to Ca Mau, Vietnamese people still know that this is the southernmost land, the first place of the country. Ca Mau is a swampy wetland, famous for its crisscrossing terrain and water channels and the vast green and melaleuca forests of the U Minh forest, bearing a wild character. Go to Ca Mau is to follow the call of the wild nature, opening a wonderful experience before the idyllic landscape but also very spectacular.

How travel to Ca Mau is unique?

It is the last province of the S-shaped strip of Vietnam, with a narrow width with 3 sides bordering the sea. The East borders the East Sea, the West and the South borders on the Gulf of Thailand. This is also the reason why Ca Mau is the province with the longest coastline with nearly 254 km. It can be said that thanks to that prime location. Ca Mau is Vietnam's key gateway for international exchanges via sea.

When is the best time to travel to Ca Mau?

In the Mekong Delta region, the climate is obviously characterized by the tropical equatorial monsoon with 2 distinct seasons. The rainy season (from May to November) and the dry season (from December to December). However, the heat background in this area is higher than that of other Southwest provinces. Specially with an average annual temperature of 26.5 degrees Celsius, strong light intensity. Therefore, when traveling to Ca Mau, you should carefully prepare sun protection clothing. Such as: hats, jackets, sunglasses, sun cream ... to protect health under the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Ca Mau's climate is sunny but not hot. It's quite fresh and cool wind from the sea, so visitors can visit at any time of the year. However, the best time is in the dry season. Let come from November to April. Because the landscape and ecosystem are quite unique at the moment.

How to get to Ca Mau?

Tourists from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau often choose to travel by plane, passenger car or personal vehicle.

If your trip start in central provinces or surrounding Hanoi. You can take a plane or train to Ho Chi Minh City then choose one of the following vehicles to go to Ca Mau.

Aircraft: Currently there is only Vietnam airline: Vietnam Airlline operates Ho Chi Minh City - Ca Mau. Every day there are only 1 to 2 flights, so it is quite limited.

Publish bus: Most of the routes going to the West and Ca Mau provinces leave at Mien Dong bus station. So you can go directly to the bus station. It is quite far from Tan Son Nhat airport or Saigon station to the Mien Dong bus station. So if you go from North or Central to Ho Chi Minh City, you can move to the bus station by taxi. Or you can ride a motorcycle taxi. If traveling by bus, it will be more economical. But the waiting time is longer.

The fare from Ho Chi Minh City is 150,000 - 200,000 VND. Some reputable car firms include Phuong Trang, Phuong Thao and Kumho.

Private car: You start from Phu Lam roundabout, District 6 or Trung Luong Expressway, District 7 and move with the following schedule: Highway 1A - Tan An - Trung Luong - Can Tho - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau.

Where to stay in Ca Mau? Recommendation?

There are many resting places depending on the type of travel that visitors go. If you are going to a backpacker, you can find affordable motels or hotel inns for only 100 - 200 000 per night. In contrast to high-end services like vacation will be much more expensive. But for sure is quite professional and excellent quality service.

Muong Thanh Luxury Ca Mau

  • Rating: 5 *
  • Address: Lo C03 A, Ca Mau Political - Administrative Center, Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province

With architecture from overall to interior designed in European style and luxurious and classy, ​​combining classic, sophisticated, Muong Thanh Luxury Ca Mau promises to bring visitors relaxing moments Through the experience of great services.

International Hotel

  • Rating: 3 *
  • Address: 179 Phan Ngoc Hien, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province

The hotel offers a wide range of room service for travelers at various prices to meet all types of needs so visitors do not have to worry about the price. In general, the hotel is designed according to simple criteria but still thoughtful and convenient with airy, clean and comfortable interior space.

Thanh Nhan 1 Hotel

  • Rating: 2 *
  • Address: 12B Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 6, Hamlet 7, Ca Mau City. Ca Mau Province

Being close and warm as your home. It is the most outstanding feature of Thanh Nhan 1 Hotel. With all the devotion and thoughtfulness in service. This address ensures the most relaxing and satisfied moments for visitors to visit.

Sightseeing in Ca Mau - List of outstanding destinations as:

Floating Market

Floating market is a typical cultural feature of the tour Mekong delta area, including Ca Mau. Because of that, when you come here, do not forget to visit this unique floating market. Ca Mau floating market takes place on Ganh Hao river. It's located in ward 8 of the city center. This is the exchange place of 3 rivers: Tien river, Hau river and Trem river, which is an ideal location, convenient for river trading.

The products are mainly agricultural products and garden fruits and vegetables. You will experience the feeling of sitting on the boat swaying and floating on the interesting creeks, witnessing and participating in the experience of buying and selling goods between canoes and boats of floating markets.

Silver stone islet

Located 50 km from Ca Mau city, in Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province. This is the common name for a cluster of large, small rocks of 6.43 hectares wide. With an estimated time of up to 180 million years ago. This is a small islet close to the coast and connected by a bridge, bearing a pristine, original look endowed with countless bizarre shapes unique. Such as the first hand, the first leg, the first yard, the first well. In addition, there is also President Ho Chi Minh temple and Ong Nam Hai mausoleum

U Minh National Park

Located adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand. It is one of the rare forests with the most diverse flora in our country. The topography of U Minh forest is divided into two different areas, including U Minh Thuong and U Minh Ha. There are 250 kinds of plants and many types of precious birds live. Here, visitors will experience many interesting activities, discover a variety of flora and precious birds. Admire the vast melaleuca forest, the fragrance is sweet and hear interesting stories told by local people.

Ngoc Hien bird sanctuary

The 130-hectare Ngoc Hien bird sanctuary is known as one of the largest natural bird sanctuaries in Vietnam. It has the Bay Hap river flowing through, creating a rich and lush vegetation all year round. This is the gathering place for many birds, some of which have been included in the red book. Every evening, in the sunset of a sky, every flock of birds flocked thousands of times, chirping a region like a concert.

Ca Mau Cape Vietnam

Cape Ca Mau - the land of the beginning of the country. Where the landmark coordinates GPS 0001 is the conquest goal of many travel lovers. Located about 100 km from Ca Mau city, to set foot in Ca Mau cape, you must sit a 3-hour high-speed boat from the pier in the sea ward. At this place visitors will visit the national landmark, view the sea and the forest, visit the village to simulate the resistance and admire the symbol of Ca Mau Cape.

Ca Mau specialist dishes

Crap Roasted with tamarind

The pythons are small, but they are favored by many diners over copper crabs. Because the meat is both sweet and soft, and crunchy, and the sourness of tamarind is delicious. The mound with soft shell, so when eating, it is possible to chew the shell.

Grilled snakehead fish

A rustic dish in Vietnamese family meal. Processing materials are snakehead fish (also known as black head fish, sardines, ...), a benign, meaty, low-bone and protein-rich fish. After being washed, use bamboo sticks to cross the fish and bury them in the straw and light up the fire until well-done. Just separating the body of the fish into two halves will reveal the porous white fish flesh inside.

Ca Mau crab

It is famous for its sweetness and firmness to ensure health. Because it is raised in a completely natural environment. Because of living in a diverse ecosystem, crab food sources are abundant, from crustaceans so they are rich in protein and nutritious. Crab prices range from VND 450,000-550,000 / kg.

Some special notes

  • Ca Mau is a water area with many wild sights, so if you go with small children. You need to look after the baby carefully to avoid straying or falling into the river.
  • Maintain public places and attractions.
  • Dress appropriately with your destination, don't dress too much when visiting wild places. But don't dress up politely when going to formal places.

Above are the general assessments that help us understand the general overview of Ca Mau. With the beauty of wild beauty and unique landscape. Ca Mau is both a land imbued with idyllic countryside and deep look of Great mountains and forests. Don't miss if you have the opportunity to explore this mysterious rich land to learn more about natural life and admire the unique landscapes that nature has given.

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