Minh Dam Mountain

Referring to the famous tourist spots of Vung Tau, many people think of beautiful beaches, majestic temples, elegant buildings, huge architectural lighthouse, the Statue of Christ the King. In particular, visitors often refer to the historic Minh Dam, witness of a heroic history in the South of Vietnam.

Minh Dam mountain

How Minh Dam Mountain is unique?

Once a revolutionary base, Minh Dam is today a popular tourist destination in Vietnam and abroad. An intricate cave system, spectacular natural scenery, dense green canopy is the first impression of visitors on Minh Dam.

As explained by local residents, the mountain was named after two revolutionary soldiers who bravely sacrificed their lives when the unit was ambushed at the foot of the mountain in 1948, Bui Cong Minh and Mac Thanh Dam. Today, there are still many traces of the old revolutionary base.

Minh Dam mountain

The cave system, which has contributed to the sudden attack on the enemy today is the point of many visitors are particularly fond of. Visitors can spend hours exploring all these natural stone labyrinths, with bullet points intact after the war.

Continue along the curves up the mountain. The three sides of the mountain is the sea and along the road there are quite a lot of open space for visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of the air. To the east is the white sandy Long Hai beach, to the far west are the bustling streets of the coastal city of Vung Tau. Do not forget the herd of gooseberries or squirrels jump through the trees.

Then relax in the puddles between the mountains. These are natural lakes that flow from the top of the mountain.

The view from Minh Dam mountain

Minh Dam Mountain is about 6km from Long Hai town. If you do not want to climb mountains, tourists can take taxi directly to the base of Minh Dam. Vung Tau is about 30 minutes by taxi. But if you stay in Long Hai, you can ask the hotel to book Minh Dam tour with local travel companies.

Although it is not a tourist attraction in Vung Tau, crowded or modern. But every year, Minh Dam historical site attracts many visitors to visit, discover and experience. Standing in the middle of the sacred forest of the nation, many people find peaceful space in the soul. Not only that, the destination to Vung Tau also help you experience the unforgettable Vung Tau full day tour moments through the new game. Keep reading all things need to know before travel to Vung Tau from Origin Vietnam.

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