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Sapa is one of the best tourist attractions in Vietnam for visitors to enjoy the natural landscape and the cultural diversity there. Plan the best tours in Sapa soon to experience it.

Being 350km far away from Hanoi, Sapa is a mountainous town of Lao Cai Province in the north of Vietnam. Sapa is blessed by Mother Nature with a natural picturesque landscape and a rich cultural diversity. Sapa is famous for ethnic minorities and mountainous trekking. With an abundance of Vietnam tour packages, tourists can choose the best tours in Sapa to enjoy the unique features of this town.

Exploring the life of Ethnic minorities

Exploring the life of Ethnic minorities

Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities. There are 5 groups of Hmong, Red Yao, Tay, Zay, Muong, Thai, Hoa and Xapho. These group of ethnic people live in hamlets scattering on the valleys. On a tour to Sapa, visitors can spend time visiting their villages, houses and joining their daily life activities. The main trade of local people is to sell their handicrafts, souvenirs and farming products.

One of an interesting point in Sapa is that people in Sapa, particularly children can speak English quite fluently. It is a good point to attract foreign tourists in their best tours in Sapa to learn about the cultural diversity of ethnic minorities.

Love Market is a place that can’t not be missed

Love Market

Sapa is also attractive with Love Market of ethnic minorities. This market is held every Saturday evening. Coming to Love Market, people do not sell or buy anything. But rather the young couples find their partners to date and get married. On Sunday, ethnic people come to the market earlier Saturday and sleep in the market area. This is the time for them to get to know each other. They can also join some activities as playing some traditional games, singing, dancing with the romantic melodies.

After the night, some couples are made and date to meet at the next market. Many couples became husbands and wives from those markets. Love Market now is not only for ethnic people coming to find their match but also for foreign tourists.

Love Market becomes a cultural feature that brings tourists a lot of good memories about a special mountainous cultural beauty of Sapa.

Best tours in Sapa where you can find these places

Cat Cat village

Being 14km from Sapa, the green Muong Hoa Valley is a part of Fansipan’s mountain. It is the largest farmland for rice growing in Sapa. It owns an impressive landscape with rice fields, sloping land and hamlets of H'Mong people. From Muong Hoa, tourists can walk down to enjoy the beauty of terraced rice fields and along Muong Hoa River. To not miss the full natural beauty of Muong Hoa and experience the life of ethnic H’Mong, Red Yao people all along Muong Hoa River, check out the best tours in Sapa.

On the other hand, in Mt. Hoang Lien Son base, 3km away from Sapa, Cat Cat Village is a popular destination for tourists to discover the cultural diversity of Sapa. Cat-Cat Village has been homed by the Mong ethnic people since the middle of the 19th century. People in Cat Cat Village have been cultivating in their terraced fields, making traditional handicrafts and weaving fabric.

Cat Cat village

Coming to Cat Cat Village, tourists have the chance to see not only the beauty of nature but also the unique features in the daily life of local people. They can even join the traditional activities such as weaving fabric. Especially, Cat Cat Village is interesting for trekking with the sight of rice paddies, and waterfalls.

Another top attraction is in Mt. Range Hoang Lien Son, Fansipan Mountain is called as the “Roof of Indochina”. It is the highest mount in Indochina. Fansipan is impressive for trekking or conquering. The best time to conquer Mt. Fansipan is from the middle of October to the middle of November. Then the time for visiting Mt. Fansipan again is from February to the early of March. During these periods, the weather is good for tourists. Flowers and plants all flourishing creating a picturesque view of Fansipan.

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