Taboos of Ethnic Minorities in Sapa

The house of the villagers. The middle room is a place for worshiping. So this room is not allowed for sitting. If you want to visit you must follow the host regulation. The H'mong custom is table top chairs for parents, even they parents passed. Guests are not allowed to sit in that sacred chair.

image before entry to village

Sapa is located in the northwest of the country, a mountainous district of Lao Cai province. Recently, visitors, especially young people (both Westerners and Vietnamese) are very interesting of Sapa trekking, walking, wading through hillsides, streams, terraces to remote villages to visit local people.

Entry to Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai.... But before entry to the village please note that. If they are busy worshiping ghosts or evildoers, they do not want to let strangers attend. At the front of the village often there is a bunch of green leaves hanging on the high post where solemnly placed so that everyone can see that avoided.

happy customer

Traveling in the village do not laugh as in the flower garden or park. Visitor must be gentle and respect the tranquil landscape of the village.

With little children, Please note that do not touch on their head. The people said that. You will make child get ill, sick ...

In the village there is a very sacred worship area: a forbidden forest, a stupendous tree stump, many years old, a sacred stone worshiping gods. It is usually clean, beautiful, cool, but visitors do not come there to stop sitting, resting, eating, lying down, littering indiscriminately. It is not whistling when watching the scenery. The child whispered that the sound of the whistling sound is called demonic.

smiling with child in sapa

The H'mong house has a large pillar buried deep in the ground, high to the roof, other columns smaller. The column is on the ground, the highest column called the main column, where the ghost lives, tourists do not hang clothes, sit back against the column "soul" it.

Note: do not sit close to the column, Do not use fingers forward. Because the Hmong think that the behavior is to express the attitude of not content or despise talk.

In addition, when the host invite water,wine, if you cdo not want to drink just say No thank you. Note: do not bowl down the table, only the worshipers are allowed to do so to evict ghost. Dresses to visit the village do not wear white linen yet dyed, it is the color of the funeral.

good bye village of Sapa

Quick tips

  • Do not give money or candy for children, if can prepare some note books or pencils for them.
  • Do not put camera close to their face to take photo.
  • Aks before take picture.

Hope the information above can help you find the right way to enjoy Sapa tours with Origin Vietnam.

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