Sapa Terraced Rice Fields

Those who once come to the land of Sapa will not be surprised to see the terrace rice fields as beautiful as the steps up the sky high. Sapa ladder brings the beauty of a beautiful picture. so beautiful. This is always a unique attract tourist destination in Vietnam.

Terraced Rice Fields

How Terrace rice fields in Sapa is unique?

Terrace rice fields in Sapa is one of the most interesting things to do while traveling sapa with its beautiful natural beauty every autumn and the bustling fields along the mountain slopes creating a lively natural picture. It's been published by the Travel and Leisure Magazine (America) has announced the 7 terraced fields beautiful and most Asian and world readers of this magazine voted, including Sa Pa name of Laos Cai (Vietnam)

image of harvesting Terraced Rice Fields

Sa Pa terraces rice fields: "Top 7" terraced rice fields in the world.

Together with other world natural wonders, the Terraced Rice Fields are recognized as natural and man-made masterpieces. Nowadays the world's seven most beautiful terraces: Banaue (Philippines ); Yuangyang (Yunnan Province, China); Ubud (Indonesia, Indonesia); Annapurna (Neve); Mae Rim (Chiang Mai, Thailand); Sa Pa (Lao Cai province, Vietnam) and Long ji (Guilin, China).

On terraced fields and famous Sa Pa tourism area of ​​Vietnam, Travel and Leisure writes: "With a wonderful landscape that looks like a ladder climbing up the terraces. Sa Pa has become one of the most tourist attractions of Vietnam.

You can take the train from Hanoi to Lao Cai city and then go to Sa Pa. You can see the scenic rice fields along road to Sapa. Also here visitor have chance to see the girl Mong, Dao ... with page colorful and hospitable. "

It is a sub-tropical monsoon climate (called the flooding season). Lao Cai highland as well as some Northwestern provinces to May 5-6 each year in the new season. sowing rice. This is the time when the most beautiful scenes of the summer appear on the terraced rice fields around the high mountains of Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Bat Xat and Si Ma Cai.

image of Terraced Rice Fields

Rice terraces in Sa Pa have been for hundreds of years. It made by the talented hands of the Dao, Mong, Ha Nhi, Giay, Tay, Xa Vice ... from generation to the other generation. The terraced fields are not only great but also the moving paddy of the mountainous ethnic minority. This is a way of agricultural cultivation effectively, contributing to create unique tourism product for many years.

Rice terraces in Sa Pa is also attractive destination for international visitors and visitors to the Southern provinces whenever they go to the northwestern part of the country. The unspoken lines and colors of the "Artists". Terraced rice fields in Sapa is one of the best Sapa tours Vietnam year around.

Quick tips

  • Do not give money or candy for children
  • Do not put camera close to their face to take photo.
  • Aks before take picture.

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