Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field

Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field is located in Muong Hoa Valley, Hau Thao Village, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province. One of the most beautiful valley in Sapa. It's covering about area of remains consists of large multi grade rocks engraved with old images.

Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field

How Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field is Unique?

Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field is located between the terraced rice fields of ethnic minority groups. The first exploration research, in 1925, recorded that there were 200 stones of different sizes concentrated in the area. Hon Bo, which is 15 m long and 6 m high, is the largest of theses rocks. The engravings on the surfaces of the rock are pictographic or decorative. Remarkably, among the engravings are drawings of humans, stilt houses of the ethnic minorities and symbols considered to be a primitive form of writing.

However their meaning hasn't yet been deciphered. Additionally. The most impressive stone is Da Chong and Da Vo. It's tell the story of a faithful love between a couple who overcame all difficulties to be together, although they turned to stone. But they still dedicated to each other. Also there are many stones carved with different characteristic.

Archaeologists have shown that this area has been inhabited since ancient times. These fascinating Vietnamese remains have drawn the attention of scientists and tourists. Especially the French tourist, most of them will come to visit Sa Pa ancient rock field. And they spend most time here to visit here in a day tour in Sapa.

For the Vietnamese tourists, visiting Sa Pa ancient rock field is to look for intensive knowledge on ancient civilization compared with carvings on rock. Somethings special as animal horns or on the metal artifacts having been discovered throughout the country.

Sapa ancient rock field is among the precious cultural heritage. It's not only conveying the pristine beauty of the land, but additionally strong attracting tourists. It deserves to be one of the most attractive destination for tourist in Sa Pa Vietnam.

What to do, things to see & time to visit Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field?

  • Trekking
  • Culture exchange.
  • Photograph huntting.
  • Visit local family to know authentic of Black Hmong, Giay, Dao people daily life.

Special Notes

  • Do not give money or candy for children. (mean the children they will not like to go to school) - If can so please give them some books or pencils.
  • Do not put camera close to their face to take photo.
  • Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)
  • Should not visit at weekend to avoid the crowded by other local and Chinese tourist

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