Lao Chai Village

Situated in the Valley of Muong Hoa. The most beautiful valley in Sapa. Just only 6km from Sapa center you'll see Lao Chai village the home of Black Hmong & Giay people living.

image terrace rice field at Lao Chai Village

How Lao Chai Village is unique?

From a high point of the major road 8 Km from Sapa town, great view of the whole village open to offer the marvelous panorama of the village, backed by high mountains and facing the river.

Here you'll appreciate the fresh air, terrace fields, stream, visit and discover some of the H’mong’s households, 3 big villages with over 100 households of the Black H’mong ethnic, and individuals here are quite hospitable. Sapa tours this village which you'll have a welcome feeling at any house of the hospitable people there. You are able to interact them, learn about their culture and traditions daily life.

Muong Hoa valley - Lao Chai Village

The Giay People

There is only 2% of Sapa’s population comes from the Giay ethnic group. It may be tough to discover a lot fascinating community that entry to Vietnam from China about 200 years ago. The majority of Vietnam’s Giay people live in northern provinces within the country by which a stilted house (the traditional-style home) is common even now. Giay's homes have adapted to be closer to be only one story, typically with a very simple inside in a court yard in-front.

image of giay people - Lao Chai Village

Distinct from the H’mong communities they live alongside of Lao Chai village. Giay people wear relatively straightforward clothing that boasts splashy, vibrant colors but less ornamentation than H’mong fabrics. Thanks to their geographical roots, a whole slew of Giay cultural components feel distinctly Chinese, with the group’s clothing and cuisine borrowing flavours from Vietnam’s northern cousin. In Lao Chai, the Giay sustain their livelihoods and wellness in the very same as the H’mong -- by increasing livestock and tending to endless rice terraces and mountain fields.

The Black H’mong people

Making one fo the most valuable part of Sapa’s ethnic minority. The H’mong community in Lao Chai village is one of many scattered through the town’s lush valleys. The Black H’mong really are a unique community within the bigger H’mong ethnic group. Thus named after the heavy indigo dye utilized in nearly their traditional clothing. Green, purple and blue is highlighted with splashes of Red - and Black H’mong’therefore distinctively vibrant textiles became a favorite element in souvenir shops and markets throughout all Vietnam.

image of Black H Mong - Lao Chai Village

Black H’mong communities stay deeply traditional, with men and women frequently getting married as young as their mid-teenagers. It’s not uncommon to meet a local H’mong villager of 25 that already has a small number of kids - made more astounding by the fact that many H’mong communities have few traditional types of revenue. Instead, most households live off of the land and rely very little on income from selling fabrics in neighborhood markets. Only when buying livestock or home goods will Black H’mong families need money – most (if not all) of their food comes from their crops and animals.

What to do, things to see & time to visit Lao Chai village ?

  • Trekking, sustainable Sapa tour Vietnam & homestay activities.
  • Photograph huntting.
  • Visit local family to know authentic of Black Hmong people daily life.

Quick tips

  • Do not give money or candy for children. (mean the children they will not like to go to school) - If can so please give them some books or pencils.
  • Do not put camera close to their face to take photo.
  • Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)
  • Should not visit at weekend to avoid the crowded by other local and Chinese tourist.

Keep in mind for all things need to know before travel to Sapa from Origin Vietnam.

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