Fructus Crataegi Wine

Fructus Crataegi wine is exclusive wine. Fructus Crataegi is soaked very rigorously after which they use this water from Fructus Crataegi to make wine. Consuming wine really feel like consuming carbonated gentle drinks.

In SapaFuctus Crataegi grows on the Hoang Lien Son vary. It's the pure present that the heaven give the H’Mong. In addition to, it has a distinct identify “love fruit”. After consuming wine, the women and men have been intoxicated, they are going to share all types of flavors in life. Fructus Crataegi begins to blossom ultimately of spring (March-April). traveller can purchase it within the interval from August to October when Fructus Crataegi is bought within the gala's of Sapa.Fructus Crataegi Wine