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Sapa is a town in Lao Cai province, Vietnam, a popular tourist destination from the early 20th century. You could go to the Ta Phin to bath in the natural medicine of the Red Dao. Or enjoy the view of Sapa from Ham Rong Mountain. You will have unforgettable experience if you choose Sapa tours.

Sapa has a beautiful landscape that is both romantic and majestic. There are mountains and clouds scattered to the wind. The climate of Sapa is cool all year round. The unique indigenous markings of Sapa are the ethnic community. There are two major ethnic groups in Sa Pa: Mong and Dao. The cultures of ethnic groups are combined with classical European architectural space. All these factors have created a special attraction for visitors. And gave them a desire to explore this land. If choose Sapa tours in the autumn, you can enjoy a wonderful feeling with gentle sunshine, the golden terraces and intriguing culture.

Sapa tours help you enjoy the natural medicine of the Red Dao

The natural medicine of the Red Dao

Sa Pa does not lack the natural medicine bathing rooms. However, many people are still determined to rent motorcycles to Ta Phin village. The village is 12 km far from the center of town. That is the origin of the bathing ceremonies of the Red Dao people.

There are more than 10 types of leaves collected from the forest and also grown in the garden. The name of many types can not be transcribed into Vietnamese. When requested, the owner will start to gather the leaves, boil on fire for an hour to use the bath. Medical leaf bathing is effective to reduce fatigue and regulate blood pressure. The cost is about 120,000 VND per person. Note that you should only bathe in about 15 minutes to avoid being drunk. Guests can also buy dried leaves to bring home.

Discover the ancient monastery from Sapa

The ancient monastery

On the tour to Ta Phin village, the monument of the ancient monastery lies hidden among the trees. This is a tourist attraction not many people know of. It was built more than half a century ago. However, it was not completed and abandoned. This monastery is beautiful, quiet, and ancient. The pictures taken on the stone wall reminded many people of the scene in ancient stories.

The unforgettable scenery at Cau May

Cau May

Cau May is located at Ta Van commune. This bridge crosses the Muong Hoa stream. Before it was the only way leading the villagers to Sa Pa town. The bridge is connected with clouds of wire. It lies between two ancient trees. Over time it is no longer as firm as before. This will be a big challenge for those who are afraid of height. Tourists can also rent ethnic costumes to take pictures at the stream. On the frosty days during the Sapa tours you can take many beautiful artistic photographs.

Sapa tours help you visit the top of Fansipan mountain

The top of Fansipan mountain

The way to the "roof of Indochina" is no longer difficult with trekking activities. Even people with health problems or are less adventurous can conquer it. Rather than conquering Fansipan by mountain climbing, you can buy a cable car ride. The cost is of 600,000 VND. And the ride takes just 20 minutes each. Visitors can admire the landmark and yellow starred red flag at an altitude of 3,143m. Visitors can also take beautiful pictures on the cable car or in the tourist area.

Watch the sunset from Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain

There are many interesting things that eco-tourists will find when exploring Ham Rong Mountain. From the orchid garden, ancient fossils to marvelous granite mountains. You can also enjoy the green lawns and fresh air in the mountains. From the "cloud yard" at an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level, visitors can cover the whole town at eye level. It will be even better when you witness the sunset moment.

Trekking in Sapa is one of the best choices you can make for your holiday. This is suitable if you want a peaceful place to rest. But you can also explore the beauty of sightseeing and local people. Sapa tours are perfect for everyone.

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It's very important all things need to know before travel to Sapa Vietnam like Taboos of Ethnic Minorities in Sapa.

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