Discover the beauty of Cau May in Sapa

Sa Pa is a mountainous town in Lao Cai. Which is home to many wonderful things of nature and mountainous ethnic minorities in the Northwest of Vietnam. Beside the beauty of culture & nature but also very famous with many human work art. Such as. Bridge system built by rattan and bamboo.

Follow this post Origin Travel team will help you explore the romantic beauty of the Cau May in Sa Pa, is one of the famous tourist spots of Sa Pa.

1. Introduction to Sapa Bridge

Sapa Bridge

The Sa Pa canal is located in Ta Van commune, about 17 km from Sapa town center. Cau May has become a very familiar name for all Sa Pa people and tourists who have had the opportunity to visit here.

The Clouds is a unique bridge that is teeming with clouds of clouds over the romantic Muong Hoa River. The rattan wires are firmly connected, the mantelpiece is made of laminated timber. Cau May is a place to attract a lot of tourists in the country and abroad.

Near the area of Cau May, you can explore the Sin Chai village in Sa Pa.

Cau May is a result of creativity, ingenuity and sophistication of the H'Mong ethnic group in the northwestern region. The creativity of the people in taking advantage of the familiar rattan in this mountainous region. The meticulous connection between the steps makes a perfect bridge.

It is thanks to the hands of the Northwest mountain ethnic people have created a tourist site - Cau May attract tourists.

The reason why this place is called Cau May is partly because the bridge is made of different materials and bamboo and rattan is the main factor forming the bridge.

And the name Cloud was created for a special reason that is when passing here on thick dense days put people feel like walking in the clouds. From there the name "Cau May" was formed.

2. How to go to Cau May Sapa?

Cau May in Sa Pa

Located about 17km south-east of Sa Pa town, near Giang Ta Chai village. Cau May contains a romantic and peaceful beauty that makes every visitor come here with the simple things of life.

Visitors to Cau May in Sa Pa should learn before going to avoid confusion with some other places in Sa Pa.

To go to Cau May, tourists take the route down the Muong Hoa valley about 8km, to the crossroads turn to the trail to Lao Chai. You will need to continue to go along the trail about 3km to see the bridge squeezed through the stream of Muong Hoa. The scenery in Cau May will become the most beautiful when the fog rolls from the Muong Hoa River over to Cau May. You will seem as if they are floating, roll in the cloud.

When passing through the bridge, visitors will come to a beautiful waterfall. The local people often called Giang Ta Chai. In the past, Cau May was the only wire to help the people here to connect with Sa Pa center. Especially in the rainy season.

Over the years. Cau May has become a Vietnam holiday destinations for many visitors. Also, it's the place for the appointment.

The name "Cloud Bridge" has gradually become very popular, in Sa Pa also has a street Cau May. In the past, Cau May was only a "road" for ethnic people here, but gradually with the change of time and the development of tourism, Cau May is a lot of visitors.

Due to the deterioration of the bridge, local people have made a solid wooden bridge next to the bridge to travel. The bridge has been remodeled and only for tourists.

The special feature of Sa Pa Cloud Bridge is to bring visitors many views. If standing in many different locations. Stand from the stream of Muong Hoa looking up to see the bridge, visitors will feel the majesty of the Northwest mountains and forests.

If you stand on the bridge, you will see the romance, the poetry of the bridge across the stream Muong Hoa. Or at the wooden bridge parallel to Cau May. You will find the ingenuity and meticulousness of people in the Northwest. In short, standing at each corner. You will have different feelings about this beautiful bridge.

3. Discover Cau May

Visit Cau May in Sa Pa

Cau May is one of the most tourist destinations visitor cannot miss when traveling Sa Pa. Cau May like a simple picture but very beautiful and soulful. The beauty of the interior of the bridge is always waiting for visitors to explore.

In addition, tourists can refer to the beautiful tourist attractions in Sa Pa such as Sa Pa ancient church, Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Muong Hoa valley, Coc san ... You may need to know all things about Sapa before travel.

Guests want to travel to Sa Pa or visit Cau May but do not have time to schedule your own trip. Please refer to the Sapa tours of Origin Vietnam. These tours will also promise to meet even the most demanding of travelers.

If you have the opportunity to travel Sapa Vietnam. Do not forget to explore the romantic beauty of Cau May. A wonderful destination of Sapa mountain to get best memories.

The above is the share of Travel Vietnam Origin for tourists to explore the beauty of the most complete bridge. You need to register Sapa Tour to see this beautiful bridge. Please quickly contact us on +843954 1206.

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