Ban Pho Village

Ban Pho village located in Bac Ha town where visitor can find out about the life of Flower Hmong people. It would be great idea to visit the village after visit Bac Ha market.

Ban Pho Village

Why Ban Pho Village is unique?

The village of Ban Pho is the village of Black H'Mong and Flower H'Mong. It is beautiful scenery on spring as the plum flower bloom. Ban Pho village is home of H'mong people. The population of the village around 3000 people living in 500 families. The common language of men and women reside in this place is ting Quan Hoa, because speech, Pho, saying In Ban Pho mean place where obtained residents and markets.

Coming to Ban Pho, tourist love terrific sightseeing of Bac Ha highland. Additionally, tourists will be drawn by specialties of individuals here like co, - a mixture of all parts of horses, ox, buffalo, pig corn wine in Ban pho. Ethnic individuals here are proud of corn wine.

What to do at Ban Pho Village?

Hmong woman in Ban Pho

Among the traditional handicrafts in Ban Pho is cloth weaving with cotton and linen as basic materials. Local people wear clothes that are woven by themselves. Travellers may Find it a bit strange, like I did, as they find the simple fact that woman's dresses are extremely eye catching with vibrant vignettes while guys wear dark clothes.

Men and women in Ban Pho live mainly on rice farming, cloth weaving and planting of plants. Should you visit the village when folks are cooking, you'll be alarmed when seeing many strings of pork, beef, are being hung on the kitchen. That's how Ban Pho folks make their very own bacon. The villagers live simply - do not expect bright lights and loud music. Really, do not even anticipate electricity. What the lack in material possessions, they make up for in their intense hospitality. The Hmong villagers are a number of the kindest people you will meet in Vietnam.

Should you will visit around noon you might be to encouraged to lunch, though that may be a mixed blessing. When coming to Ban Pho village, visitors can go to the kitchen when they're making wine. Specially on the roof of kitchen, you can see many strings of beef like cows, goats... That is a distinctive barbecue with wine, it tastes of unique flavor that you can't drink or eat in any other places. Additionally to, when they have just completed in creating wine, they'll gives you to enjoy that wine and eating the barbecue food, it is so wonderful for visitors who travel to the sapa at the very first time.

If you enjoy it once time, possibly this wine and food will keep you in your head and make you would like to return.

The Way to get at Ban Pho Village?

  • It is takes you about fifteen minutes from Bac Ha town.

Quick tips:

Ban Pho village is always listed in Bac Ha sunday market tour. You can visit other popular villages in Sapa in that tours sucha as Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Zao village,… Each village has got an unique culture make different in Sapa where you travel to.

Travel to Ban Pho village we would like to recommended Bac Ha Sunday market tour 3 days from Hanoi.

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