Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island’s beauties, it is hard words describing the beauty of this island. It can only come and admire the grandeur but idyllic and purity of a sacred island in the country.

How Ly Son island is unique?

Three people group of Sa Huynh, Champa and Viet have closel to the formation and development of Ly Son Island. They have protected the sovereignty of the island and left many cultural heritages immensely the value remains to be preserved and promoted. On 01stJan 1993, Ly Son Island District was formally established, split off from the District of Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province.

Ly Son island

Currently, on the island have the steadily witness five mountains of the volcano has erupted. The eruption of the volcano went off and created the interesting natural landscape on the island. In particular, the summit of Thoi Loi mountain is the highest place in Ly Son island (149 m). Currently, there is a sweet water Lake containing about 30,000 m3 of water on top of the mountain, the entire supply of sweet water for both big and little islands.

Standing on the summit of Thoi Loi mountain. Visitor can catch the eye down to admire the entire scene of Ly sonIsland District in miniature with the harmonious combination of the jade green color of sea water, the green of the trees and the white sand of the sea. All make up a wonderful natural painting entitled Ly Son.

The foot is Thoi Loi Mountain is Cau Cave. The cave has wave and wind erosion, deep sea into the mountains and formed by thousands of years from lava. The scenery here is also quite wild. But has a very poetic beauty, seductive trance travelers.

When is the best time to visit Ly Son Island?

Ly Son has two distinct seasons: the rainy season (lasting from September to February of the next year) and the dry season (lasting from March to August). The right time for visitors to Ly Son Island :

From June to September, the weather is quite beautiful and sunny, suitable for sea travel.

How to go to Ly Son island?

Aircraft :

You can buy air tickets to Da Nang Airport or Chu Lai Airport (Hanoi has 3 flights per week with a fare of about VND 3,000,000 / round trip, from Saigon with a price of VND 3,500,000 / Round trip tickets, then travel by means such as taxis, motorbikes to Quang Ngai and then Sa Ky port (50km)

Passenger car :

You can ride the bed to Quang Ngai, then go to Sa Ky Port. At Sa Ky port, there are many guesthouses right at the port entrance, about 200 meters away, you can rest there.


There are 5 trains of Thong Nhat train going into the North and South one day, depending on your time, you can choose the appropriate train time (The numbered ships from Hanoi, even numbered ships go from Saigon out. Train tickets are about 1.5 million rounds of soft sitting and air conditioning.

Specialties on Ly Son island

Seaweed salad

Daily folk dishes of Ly Son people become specialties for tourists. Seaweed brought, washed and sliced ​​and eaten, mixed with available ingredients. Such as raw vegetables, peanuts with fish sauce, spices, garlic. So there was a plate of delicious seaweed salad.

Garlic salad

Ly Son garlic salad is made from garlic body. They will spit up only to take the body. After that remove the outer shell, clean the steamed way to ripen and mix with spices, sprinkle some peanuts with salad dish The aroma of delicious garlic.

Sightseeing in Ly Son island

Hang Cau (Cau Cave)

This is the place where Ly Son people frequent fishing and the bottom of the sea here has manyseaweed. That is perhaps that this cave is called Hang Cau (Cau Cave).

Follow the road to the top of Thoi Loi Mountain is the national flag tower built from 4/5/2013. The flag has a height of 20 m, built by reinforced concrete, facing to Hoang Sa Islands.

Hang pagoda

Hang pagoda is in An Hai commune which belongs to bigisland, which was set up under King Le Kinh Tong by Mr. Tran Cong Thanh. He was one of the people who were here to build the An Hai village, An Vinh in the past.

The front has a big Guanyin Buddha located in a big lotus Lake. Among the yard has a lotus lake with a Buddha. Around the yard has some old sea eagle trees with hundreds of years. The cave is 24 m-long cave, 3.2 m high ceilings, an area of 480 m².

Called Cave pagoda because it is in the biggest cave systems in Ly Son. It was created from the mountains range Thoi Loi, lava-colored, tall escarpments near 20 m.

To Vo Gate

To Vo Gate is the location where a lot of young people love as well as couple travel to take pictures at sunset. This is one of the amazing time in Ly Son. Which most people love to enjoy it once travel to this island. From the main Ferry to the welcome gate of Ly Son, turn left and travel along the small road to reach Duc Pagoda will see a small ledge located right in the sea.

One of the factors that contribute to the natural best beauty of Ly Son Island is the people with the very local daily life activities.

The lands of growing garlic, corn, watermelons Hac My Nhan... are pretty good planning and create a harmonious setting for this sea, mountain and countryside.

Besides the natural beauty of the waves, the mountains, the people, the industriousness of Ly Son still brings up the beauty of a sacred land of the country. The whole countries are heading to sailing boats where the remote islands. Where the people still stuck, deprivation, night and day still cling to sea, to sea.

Nowadays Ly Son island has become one of the most famous sightseeing tour Danang destination. Visitor comes to Danang should not skip this beautiful place.

Quick tips:

  • Should not go to the weekend (there are many local tourists, Korean and Chinese go here at weekend)
  • Long dress is requested if you visit pagoda here.

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