Tam Toa Church

Tam Toa Church is a Catholic church located on Nguyen Du Street, Dong My Ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province. Church was built in 1886.

Tam Toa church

How Tam Toa Church is special?

Han Mac Tu was baptized here in 1912 with the Christian name Nguyen Trong Tri Franois. In the eight years from 1964 to 1972, the US air bombardment of North Vietnam. Dong Hoi was flattened, Tam Toa church was bombed only the bell tower remained. After the Geneva Agreement in 1954, the whole Tam Tran migrated to the South. Since then the church has been abandoned.

During the Vietnam War, Tam Toa Church was bombed 48 times by the United States Air Force. On February 11, 1965, the church was hit by a bomb, leaving only the bell tower with bullet holes.

Dong Hoi town was razed by US bombs and the church bell tower became a war relic. On February 26, 1997, the People's Committee of Quang Binh province issued Decision No. 143 / QD-UB, The court has become a war crimes vestige and is a historical cultural vestiges of the province, which need to be strictly protected.

October 23, 2008, Quang Binh People's Committee and the Bishop of Doai was united and signed a memorandum saying: "The old Tam Toa Church is now evidence of war crimes. The two sides will maintain and embellish in order to protect and serve the traditional research and education for the young generation...

In the Quang Binh tour short or long, visitors more or less have the opportunity to visit many historical relics, evidence of war in this land. Tam Toa Church is the largest Catholic church in Quang Binh, also the largest and only church of Dong Hoi city, located in the heart of the city.

Tam Toa Church is built in the style of Gothic architecture of Europe. There is documented in detail is Portuguese architecture, with a bell tower higher than 10m. According to the records, the church was renovated and redecorated in 1940, spacious and beautiful than the original situation. Unfortunately, There are not many detailed records detailing interior decoration as well as layout

Around the story of Tam Toa Church. When there was a fire of war against the fire. There were many controversies and controversies in the time of the restoration of architecture and spiritual life. Christian. It can be said that the events took place at the Tam Toa Church, making this place one of the most consecutive ups and downs of Quang Binh province, which when tourists have the opportunity to travel here. That the best ways for Vietnam historical tours. The visit is inevitable the compensation for a valuable architectural work, but bring more sad stories than happy to tell about.

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