Ngang Pass

To visit the beautiful landscape of Quang Binh. You can not only discover the most famous one of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, the magnificent cave system. But also admire the beauty of the Ngang pass between mountains and mountains. It's one of the most famous passes in Vietnam.

How to go to Ngang Pass?

From Dong Hoi city you can go along Highway 1 north reach 100 km to Pass Horizontal is the natural boundary of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh provinces.

How Ngang Pass is Unique?

It's located on National Highway 1A with a total length of 6km, the highest peak is 250m. The pass section of Quang Binh province passes through the territory of Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach district, and the pass passes through Ha Tinh, which belongs to the boundary of Ky Nam commune, Ky Anh district.

The pass route is not only a geographical separator. But also plays an important role in connecting traffic, economic clearance. In addition, Ngang Pass also has an important historical value. Hoanh Son Quan on the top of the pass is a stone building built from the Minh Mang period (1833), or the temple of Lieu Lieu Hanh at the foot of the pass where the stream flows through. It's the pristine cultural beauty of Vietnamese ancient.

Standing on Ngang Pass launches the eye to a long distance, watching the whole mountain forest on Hoanh Son range. Where the mountain passes, and is also a branch of Truong Son range towards the East Sea. On the far side of the sea is Hon La Bay, a very famous marine ecotourism spot. Through Ngang Pass, watching the mountain winding around the mountain, you will immerse yourself in a green piece of majestic nature.

Nowadays Quang Binh emerged as an attractive destination for those who love to explore adventure. Because of a series of beautiful caves to fascinate people. But Ngang Pass still stands there, is still a good traffic route. important, and preserve the values ​​of national history. Don't forget to read all things need to know before travel to Quang Binh at Origin Vietnam.

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