Suoi Tranh Waterfall

Phu Quoc Island is one of the places you can visit exploring both "golden forest" and "sea silver" beautiful fresh. After plunging into the water, playing on the fine white sand in the sea of Phu Quoc. What is more interesting is that the forest is heard singing birds and watching streams ragged stone slits.

Suoi Tranh waterfall

One of the best places to see the forest in Phu Quoc is Suoi Tranh tourist area. Where streams of poetic and romantic scenery. Suoi Tranh is about 15km long from the small slits on Ham Ninh mountain, wading under the forest canopy, mossy rocks to create the overall picture beautiful nature in Phu Quoc.

How Suoi Tranh waterfall is unique

Suoi Tranh waterfal

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From the gate of Suoi Tranh Stream, step foot slowly on the trail of slices of small stones moss. You will go through the canopy of green trees wind cool.

Sometimes you will go through the paths of the forest with the creeping vines. But through that you are back on the road full of golden sunshine through the trees to the ground. dried leaves and weeds. Under this small road, you will see the journey across the forest to discover Suoi Tranh stream lightly.

The air in the forest is cool, but the closer to the stream. You will feel the cool water, the murmuring, the water pouring near the echo makes the footsteps more exciting. From Tranh stream, you go about 300m to the source for camping, bathing streams, watching the waterfall and relaxing.

Suoi Tranh is not large and the rapids are not high nor rumbling fierce. The stream flows along the rocks flowing soft, at the moment, the murmuring as a beautiful picture that mother nature gift to the emerald island. There are streams flowing through rocky rapids creating soft, white waterfalls in the smooth green of the leafy plants.

Sometimes the rapids poured into a small lake of clear water, spoiled for you to soak in cool water. The rocks along the stream are covered with mossy green grass. That is attractive to wildlife but also a challenge for those you want to pass because quite slippery. So you should consider carefully before setting foot on the rocks.

It's great for

  • Natural lover, soft adventure, solo traveler

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