Kenh Ga Hot Spring

Kenh Ga hot spring situated in Gia Vien Distr, Ninh Binh province. It's one of the top five hot spring in Vietnam.

Sunset at Kenh Ga Hot Spring

Kenh Ga hot spring is unique?

Kenh Ga hot spring has for ages been known as the god water, to take care of the diseases. Coming here, you may see the natural scenery of countryside. Sure you will love the top quality services here. Such as spa bathroom, restaurant, hotel, massage, karaoke, etc. Kenh Ga Hot Spring was around for quite a very long time. However it wasn't Until 1940 the French attend about it. The hot spring provide mineral water containing sodium chloride, calcitriol, calcium, magnesium chloride, and bicarbonate salts. The water is clear, odorless, with the steady temperature of 53 °, C. Every hour the water flows to tens of thousands of gallons water.

With more than 1km from the heart of a hill situated on the Kenh Ga Village to the Hoang Long River. That is a mineral water spring. It's based on Vietnam centre record books as the most famous Hot spring for tourist. Kenh Ga mineral water is a source of hot mineral water was discovered because French colonial period, appeared in water. The basic scheme is called Vung Soi situated On the right bank of the Hoang Long River at the intersection of the Hoang Long River and Nho Quan River.

Nho Quan River

The water contains lots of air bubbles as evaporating and boiling. The water source was initially mentioned in the geographical study of Northern Indochina from C.Madrolle, printed in 1923 in Paris. In 1931 he remembered this origin in his book, Climate and Hot Water Resources in Indochina. , In 1941 M.Autret took samples of the analysis and released the results of research in several famous magazines of the world. Kenh Ga mineral water resort with large mineral water tank capability of 50-70 individuals with 16 jacuzzies.

There is nothing more fun than soaking in the mineral water. That is hot, you may believe that the body become tender and gentle. When stepping from the 40-45 degree mineral water tank, then you may enjoy another feeling of temperature modification. Tourists can lie on the sofa and relish cool breeze from the Hoang Long River or soak themselves in a 25-27 °, C trendy water.

Kenh Ga Hot Spring

What could be more memorable if you stay overnight here. There are many options for your stay like homestay, mini hotel or luxury resort. Beside that you may take easy bike tour in Ninh Binh along the dyke. Sure it will make your tour Vietnam wonderful ever.

Coming to Kenh Ga, visitors not only admire the alluring beauty of the landscape but also drop off for a hot mineral bath, forget about the busy life.

How to get to Kenh Ga?

From Hanoi:

  • Travel with Car/Taxi 1 hour and 30minutes ~ 90km
  • Buy bus/motorbike more than 2 hours
  • Buy train (Hanoi - Ninh Binh) then from Ninh Binh you can go here by taxi or motorbike

What can do here?

  • Take boat trip (3 hours)
  • Biking along the dyke
  • Visit local family to know authentic of Vietnamese people daily life

Quick tips:

  • If do biking and visit family in this area. visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Best time to visit (from Sept to April)

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