Tu Le

Tu Le is famous for its glutinous terrace rice field. Where you can soak up the hot springs and admire the peaceful scenery of a prosperous mountainous area. On National Highway 32 heading to Mu Cang Chai District, Tu Le is adjacent to Khau Pha Pass, directly under Van Chan District of Yen Bai Province.

How Tu Le is unique?

Tu Le Mu Cang Chai

Before crossing the "horn of heaven" (Khau Pha Pass). Most visitor will do stop here and enjoy the Tu Le sticky rice. The most famous food in Tu Le. If you come here in September, you will be immersed in the aroma of rice. There are also large streams that provide irrigation for the whole area. Tu Le represents the beauty of the Northwest Mountains is "supplemented" by the abundance of fields, streams.

The nature of special incentives, Tu Le also owns the hot spring all year has spoken far and near. Not even the international guests are not afraid of difficulties, distant also to come here to be in harmony with the hot spring Chao village located in the center of the commune. Previously, when tourism has not developed. Before Tu Le image is also defaulted by the Thai girls bathing in the stream, a beauty that is not so discouraging tourists to remember forever.

Terrace rice field in Tu Le

It is not difficult to understand when it is at the gateway to Mu Cang Chai. Tu Le together with La Pan Tan, De Xu Phinh in the golden rice terraces of Yen Bai attracted so many tourists. It's unlike other places, Tu Le lays a much closer feeling, rather than lying on hills or in the valley. Also terraced fields but comfortable and located along the highway. So it's very easy for all visitor can view from the main road.

In recent years, with the development of internet. Tu Le tourism has been changed. Roads are well invested, and the way to the hot spring has been repaired. Commune center has now appeared many accommodation establishments serving tourists.

Visitors to Tu Le increasing yearly. It's a great for generating revenue and jobs for many Thai people here. Also Lu Le become a key of Yen Bai tourism.

Image of Tu Le

How to get to Tu Le?

From Hanoi:

  • Travel with Car/Taxi ~ 6 hours ~ 280km
  • By train (Hanoi - Yen Bai ~ 247 Km) then from Yen Bai you can go here by taxi or motorbike

From Sapa:

  • It's better to use private car(~ 4 hours for 183km) - Local bus available but not comfortable bus service

Quick tips:

  • If do biking and visit family in this area. Visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)

Your Trekking Mu Cang Chai will be boring if don't stop at Tu Le. For more please contact us at sales@originvietnam.com

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