Khau Pha Pass

Khau Pha Pass is well known for its scenery, geography and history. It's one of the four most beautiful pass in the north of Vietnam. Becoming the unforgettable destination of Yen Bai travel, especially with Who likes to explore the majestic beauty.

How Khau Pha pass is unique?

Khau Pha pass is located on Highway 32 with the length of over 30 km, in the area between Van Chan, Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai province, and passing through many famous places. Such as La Pan Tan, Tu Le, Che cu nha, Nam Co...

Photographer on Khau Pha Pass

Located on elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level, the temperature is quite low, so the Khau Phau pass often has cloud cover. The road is rugged, winding winding, squeezing through the rolling mountains or pristine jungle, and especially the picturesque terraced fields of the Thai, H'Mong.

The Thai name Khau Pha pass with the meaning of the horn, as the mountain passes as the clouds rise over the sea. The H'Mong people see Khau Pha pass as a sacred place that can soothe the heart of heaven. So when the story is not good, crop failure, they dragged together here to pray good things to the village.

The history of Khau Pha pass also linked with the events of 1945, the formation of the Cao Pha guerrilla group of the Mong people. Taking advantage of the steep slope, old forest and cloud, the team intercepted, broke many enemy operations from Nghia Lo to Lai Chau, Lao Cai.

Nowadays. Khau Pha pass very famous for tourist tour to Mu Cang Chai and also photography hunter. It's also one of the most beautiful place for parachute.

Khau Pha Pass

How to get to Khau Pha pass?

From Hanoi:

  • Travel with Car/Taxi 7 hours ~ 314km
  • By train (Hanoi - Yen Bai ~ 247 Km) then from Yen Bai you can go here by taxi or motorbike

From Sapa:

  • It's better to use private car(~ 4 hours for 155km) - Local bus available but not comfortable bus service

Quick tips:

  • If do biking and visit family in this area. Visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)

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