Pom Coong Village

Along Lac Village - the hidden beauty of Mai Chau visitors feel Mai Chau how? Mai Chau is not only the Lac. But also many other beautiful villages. Among them are Pom Coong village, a village of original Thai people. Besides the natural scenery promises to bring visitors a wonderful experience.

Pom Coong village look from afar

How Pom Coong village is unique?

Pom Coong village is located in Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. The village is one of the brightest tourist spots of Mai Chau.

It's far from Hanoi City about 140 km. This is a good way to do 2 days and 1 night tour. Here you are like to find your true feelings, to live yourself with peace and quiet space of the forest scene. These days are the days of enjoying, experiencing and discovering many new things, especially the culture and custom of local people.

Pom Coong village

Pom Coong, the name is very unique and meaningful. Pom is hill and Coong is the drum, Pom Coon means the map of the hills on the big drum, meaning only the field. Today, Pom Coong has nearly 70 households with more than 300 people, there are seven large families living together happily. Traveling to the Pom Coong village base on tourism community. Besides the beauty of nature, in which there are also cultural features of the people. Especcially the scenery of typical Thai houses.

The houses on stilts here are usually built in clusters and in their traditional architectural style. The floor is made of bamboo or wood and is about 2 meters above the ground with sturdy wooden columns; roofs of rattan or brick. There are many large windows. Under the floor is the looms for Thai girls weaving Brocade is the difference in popularity compared to the stilt of other ethnic groups.

Come here, besides enjoying the tranquil and peaceful natural scenery. You also immerse yourself in the unique culture of the ethnic minority here. Such as spreading dances, gong festivals, sleep on the floor, drink wine,...

As the sun goes down after the mountains, the night falls, as well as the musical instruments flickering. The people in the village are now dancing with the visitors in tunes, scattering. And promises to give visitors a great North Vietnam tour package experience.

Pom Coong village

In addition, when traveling to the Pom Coong Village tourists also enjoy the specialties of Mai Chau. Such as barbecue beans, rice, vegetables, sticky rice with seven colors, banana flower.

Pom Coong tourism is increasingly attracted and become familiar with visitors. Pom Coong is the synthesis of beautiful beauty. The forest, mountains undulating, the stilt house bold identity. And above all, the friendly people, with dances so passionate people, the songs echoing throughout the mountains as inviting visitors to the land of this scene.

How to go to Pom Coong village?

There are many different way to go to La village. Pls click here for detailed how to go to Mai Chau.

Sightseeing in Around Pom Coong village

Mai Chau valley has been famous for its monuments, scenic spots. Such as Khoai cave, Lang cave, Chieu cave, Suoi cave, Lac village village, Hang Kia, Pa co...

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