Quynh Son Village

Quynh Son Village is officially called Quynh Son Community-based tourism village. It's close to the center of Bac Son district, Lang Son province. This is home of Tay Ethnic Minority living with long history traditional.

Homestay at Quynh Son

How Quynh Son village is unique?

It's a good ideal Vietnam vacation destination for you to experience the local cultural identity, between the scenery of peaceful countryside and beautiful nature.

There are more than 400 households, with population of 1,800 people. The mainly Tay ethnic settlement. Quynh Son village lying back on the limestone mountains, the view of the rich tour Bac Son valley, the point of the green stream winding, the landscape is very charming.

In particular, the entire Quynh Son village has a unique homogeneous architecture, with hundreds of stilt roofs in the same south, at first look very similar but when looking closely you will notice the difference on the limbs. Detail of each house, spacious space airy, in harmony with nature.

Traveling to Quynh Son Village. You will have the opportunity walking around the village on the romantic street, enjoy the quiet countryside, observe, learn the simple way of of local daily life.

Relax in the cozy space of the traditional stilt houses in Quynh Son village, join in activities and exchange with native Tay. They are friendly and hospitable. You will enjoy local specialties. Such as: Sticky rice, sausages, red remixed meat, chicken cook with ginger, grilled spring rolls fish ...

Village of tourism community Quynh Son also has a team of artists of Tay people. Who will performed the song then singing, soft music. You cannot find any where in your tours through Vietnam. It's only at Quynh Son village, where leaving impressive in the hearts of tourists.

Perfomance in Quynh Son Village

How to get to Quynh Son Village?

From Hanoi:

  • Travel with Car/Taxi > 3 hours ~ 178 km

What can do here?

  • Treking and homestay. we would suggest to do 2 days / 1night tour program.
  • Visit and stay with local family to know authentic of Tay people daily life.

Quick tips:

  • Visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Should not travel at weekend to avoid the number of tourist come here.

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