Dang Mo Waterfall

Dang Mo waterfall is poetic beauty, all year round poured over the slopes of the mountains in the wild forest. Situated in Binh Gia district, Lang Son province. This cool water is a combination of underground water from the mountains of the same mountain range.

Dang Mo waterfall

How Dang Mo waterfall is unique?

Dang Mo waterfall is also called Mui Bo Waterfall. Start from the upstream two streams flow in the same direction and then re-enter the waterfall. It is estimated that from the top of the waterfall is about a hundred meters, flowing through three layers of rock.

Around Dang Mo waterfall is still quite primitive, only a few houses were built up by rudimentary people, as a place to keep the car is the main, sometimes sell some local produce, so often visitors themselves Prepare food, drinks before the waterfall.

If not at heavy rains or floods, Dang Mo waterfall is so gentle, with sloping, moderate depth, there are "natural bath" in green, ideal for visitors immersed in the lane. Cool water, and enjoy the fresh nature, abundant.

But with the poetic beauty and the unique advantages, Dang Mo waterfall is still evidently becoming an attractive picnic spot, not only for the people around the area but also for the visitors of the cross. Especially on the hot summer days or the weekend, easy to see the pictures of families or groups tour to Bac Son of young people together to play, sightseeing, shooting, fishing, camping...

How to get to Dang Mo waterfall?

From Hanoi:

  • Travel with Car/Taxi nearly 4 hours ~ 192 km

What can do here?

  • Treking and homestay. we would suggest itinerary 2 days program.
  • Visit and stay with local family to know authentic of Tay people daily life.

Quick tips:

  • Visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Should not travel at weekend to avoid the number of tourist come here.

Because Dong Mo waterfall still new for westerner visitor if your trip to Vietnam package can go here. Sure your vacation in Vietnam will be wonderful ever. Let's contact us at sales@originvietnam.com for detail.

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