Bac Son Valley

Bac Son is a rural district of Lang Son Province from the Northeast region of Vietnam. It's located 160 km northeast of Hanoi. Among the intriguing aspects about it valley is its own incredibly high mountains that are about 500 - 1200 meters high. These mountains, along with the valley's paddy fields, create a great scenic landscape that you could just see best after climbing on the top of a mountain. That is located only a couple of minutes from the town. The valley's pathways leads you to the paddy areas. Where you will get a possibility to see the beautiful river crossing the rice areas.

How Bac Son Valley is unique?

Bac Son valleyBac Son district's villages possess a beauty of their own. The district is inhabited by the Tay ethnic people and their traditional stilt houses. A number of overnight tours is going to be the best for the beautiful scenery and learning the local life of the hill tribe. If you would like to see the whole view of the valley, you'd need to hike up to the phone station that was constructed on top of a mountain. Out of here, you're completely astounded by the magnificent 360 degree scenery of mountains, lakes and farms.

It may be exhausting to climb the mountains, but the effort is very much worth it. The early settlers of the Bac Son Valley originally dwelt in Lang Son province, in the north of Vietnam. When Lang Son was explored in 1922, 43 sites were discovered related to the early Bac Son culture widespread in the mountains. Bac Son Valley's fertile soil lets the regional farmers cultivate different crops in the region. Its main crop is rice that is planted only in 2 seasons, with every one of its squared area cultivated and cultivated in various times. Aside yams and corn also increase from rice, other crops like.

This is the reason that agriculture is the main profession and source of earning for inhabitants. This valley has only become a source of interest for tourists due to its enticing beauty. Especially. it's become a place of interest for oversea tourists. If you have time to visit bac son in 2 days. We would like to recommend Bac Son Valley Homestay 2 days or if you have very limited time so 1 day tour still good to visit.

How to get Bac Son valley from Hanoi?

The easiest way to visit this valley is by a road trip from Hanoi using Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen and turning to National Highway 1B.

There are many recommend tour to Bac son from internet. You'll have number of unique options tours to this area, but Origin Vietnam is. Make certain you visit this enchanting valley of beauty. Visit Bac son it will make you understand that Mother of Nature has a lot to offer you. There's so many things to see from the valley and its surroundings.

Your Vietnam guided holidays to Bac Son valley it's truly off beaten path at Origin Vietnam.

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