Tu Duc Tomb

Tu Duc’s Tomb or Khiem Lang built between 1864 and 1867. It is very popular and impressive of the royal mausoleum. Emperor Tu Duc designed himself to use before and after his death. Situated in a narrow valley in Duong Xuan Thuong Village, 6.6 km from Hue City.

Tu Duc Tomb

How Tu Duc Tomb is unique?

In fact, the tremendous expense of the tomb and the forced labor utilized in its construction spawned a coup plot. And it was as a discovery and suppressed. Tu Duc's tomb is 6.6 km south of Hue city centre, on Van Nien Hill at Duong Xuan Thuong village.

From the entrance the path leads to Luu Khiem Lake. In fatc, the very small island on the right, Tinh Khiem, is where Tu Duc used to hunt a small game. Through the water to the left is Xung Khiem Pavilion. It was the place where he'd sit with his concubines, composing or reciting poetry.

Tomb of Tu Duc in Hue

A glance at Tu Duc tomb could create the illusion of a picturesque park. It fills with lakes, hills, pavilions amid the lushness of frangipani trees and a grove of pines. It is encompassed by an octagonal wall. A couple notable sites from the temple area within the tomb could be recorded like Luu Khiem Lake, Tinh Khiem Island. In addition, It has Xung Khiem Pavilion, Hoa Khiem Temple.

Yes, Hoa Khiem Temple is a small museum of the king lifestyle. Factually, it is as a mirror utilized from the King's concubines, a lock gifted by the French, the funerary tablets of the emperor and empress. Additional, the tomb works as a home away from home. Besides, there's even a royal theatre within the complex, named Minh Khiem Duong.

Image of Tu Duc Tomb

Truly, the theater is a reflection of Tu Duc's poetic soul, with the ceiling carved with clouds, stars, crescent moon and sky. Today, perfomances aren't shown in this theater, but in Xung Khiem Ta. Then, Hoa Khiem Temple is where Tu Duc and his wife, Empress Hoang Le Thien Anh worshipped, today it houses royal artifacts. Also, a big throne was for the empress, Tu Duc was just 153cm tall.

Furthermore, Minh Khiem's room, to the right behind Hoa Khiem Temple, initially supposed to be a theatre. Nowadays, dress-up photo opportunities and cultural performances are all available here. And directly behind Hoa Khiem Temple is the quieter Luong Khiem Temple, devoted to Tu Duc's mother, Tu Du.

Around the shore of the lake is your Honour Courtyard. You pass between a guard of horses, elephants and diminutive mandarins. Before attaining The Stars Pavilion, which shelters a 20 tonne stone tablet. Tu Duc resisted the inscriptions himself. He openly admitted he'd made mistakes and named his tomb Khiem.

Photo of Tu Duc Tomb

The tomb, enclosed by a wall, is on the far side of a very small lagoon. It is drab monument and the emperor was never interred here, where his remains were buried isn't known. As a result, to keep it secret from the grave thieves, all 200 servants that buried the king beheaded. Tu Duc lived a lifetime of royal luxury and carnal excess: he'd 104 wives and hundreds of concubines, though no offspring.

Factually, coming to Tu Duc Tomb, tourists may feel like they’re lost in a huge scenery park. Furthermore, it is the place where the old monuments of old feudal time are harmoniously in tune with the natural atmosphere.

How to get Tu Duc Tomb?

  • By motorbike, car or even bikes. This site can visit in a tour from Khai Dinh Tomb and Tu Hieu Pagoda. To be sure, remember to wear comfortable shoes as visiting this tomb means a lot of walking
  • By boat: have the combination Hue boat trip visit Thien Mu Pagoda and Tu Duc tomb. However, you must take a walking around 1km or rent motorbike to reach Tu Duc tomb gate

Quick tips:

  • Entrance fee: around 4 USD/person
  • Visit all years round, but if travel by boat should not do it when rainy season in October and November when the river water is high for safe.

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