Suoi Tien Quang Nam

Suoi Tien - Fairy Stream of Quang Nam can be considered as one of the ideal tourist destinations by the beautiful scenery and the fresh air of a hospitable countryside in the midlands.

How Suoi Tien in Quang Nam is Unique?

According to the legends, before that Fairy Stream was hidden in tall trees and intertwined vines, these wires were woven together, there were places to tie rings around the stream, around five faces. The land has never taken the light of the sun and the moon.

Often on the moonlit nights, the fairies came here sat on the rings or the stones together. Then one day a woodcutter, who also liked to play chess, came across to see the Fairies sitting on the flag at the waterfall, white water flowing down into a clear blue pond, when watching the chess game, the poor people. Then she stood up, burrowed into the forest to collect firewood. But when she looked back. She saw that her tools had rotted themselves, silver hair was on the top of her hair and the words "one day Fairy" were engraved on her forehead. Later it was called the Fairy Pond and a stream with a waterfall called Suoi Tien.

Suoi Tienhas a stream system of all about 14 waterfalls. Each waterfall has its own beauty. On the summer days, or the moonlit nights, visitors have the opportunity to come here to watch the flowing water flowing into the forest trees and on the blue sky, visitors can imagine as a place of hybridity. Especially in the third waterfall there is a cool pond. It's also called Ao Tien, which is the most ideal for bathing place.

The trip along the 14-waterfall route, visitors can follow two ways, follow the stream, or take the risk rather than follow the path of the two streams.

Overcoming obstacles on roads holiday in Hoi An, tourists should once come here. Visit Tien stream to discover the mysterious beauty, to fully enjoy the natural masterpiece bestowed on the region.

How to go to Suoi Tien in Quang Nam?

Suoi Tien, located in village 1, Que Hiep commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province. From Quang Nam town. Travel along the national road IA, down the north. Then to the junction of Huong An town, then from here to the west. It's about 10km to Tien stream.

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