Sa Huynh Culture Museum

One of the tourist destinations in Hoi An that has attracted a lot of tourists in recent times is probably the Sa Huynh Culture Museum. Where you can learn and explore the culture. featured dating back several thousand years.

The museum supplies lots of information about ancient peoples of Sa Huynh civilization. Who had been the first owners of the Hoi An trading port. Especially. It's where trading relationships with Chinese Indian and South East Asia.

Sa Huynh Culture Museum

How Sa Huynh Culture Museum is unique?

The Sa Huynh Culture Museum in Hoi An is a bearer of an inheritance that's both rich and rare. It's among the most crucial museums in Hoi An. Based in the Tran Phu Street of the Hoi a heritage center, the museum house is an important relic of the Sa Huynh's culture. The Sa Huynh culture is a pre historic Bronze Age civilization that occurred in Vietnam, especially in the central region of the country, near the coast.

What to do in Sa Huynh Culture Museum?

The Sa Huynh culture specialised in metal products - especially bronze and iron - and ceramic. The most of the displays in the museum consists of articles like jewellery, weapons and useful implements like axes. All recovered evidence of those facts are preserved and exhibited at the Sa Huynh Culture Museum in Hoi An. There's another characteristic that Sa Huynh had perfected at the level of art - rituals and funerary rites.

Discovery of over 200 jar burials f rom 50 or more different sites is recorded in the Sa Huynh Culture Museum. The majority of the articles on display in the Sa Huynh Culture Museum date back to the first Millennium BC, the Iron Age.

image of Sa Huynh Culture Museum

It's good to know about

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Quick tips

  • It's good for, group tours, solo, family and education private tour in Hoi An.

Visitor visit day trips from Hoi An will have chance to know more interesting info about local people in the past. Visiting the Hoi An tourist destination - Sa Huynh Cultural Museum. You will better understand more historical journey. Especially associated with the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people, which is the foundation for a Vietnamese culture.

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