My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary located in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. It's about 70 km from Da Nang City center. My Son Sanctuary appears with an architectural complex of many Champa temples and extremely toxic architecture and unique. Forgotten for a long time up to centuries. It's founded in 1885. In 1999, Vietnam's My Son relic site was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site.

image of My Son Sanctuary

If you are a tourist who likes to explore and learn about ancient culture, this is a place worth exploring.

How My Son Sanctuary is unique?

My Son Sanctuary is a complex of Cham Pa temple. Tra Kieu is 20 km to the west, 45 km to Hoi An to the west, 68 km to Danang from the southwest, and to Hue from the ancient capital of 145 km to the south. This area is located in a valley with a diameter of about 2 km, surrounded by hills and mountains. This was once the place of sacrifice, as well as the tomb area of ​​the kings and princes of the ancient Champa dynasties.

How to go to My Son Sanctuary?

Starting the journey to discover the most mysterious place in Vietnam. You can easily get here by motorbike or car. From Hoi An, about 50 km from My Son, the starting point is Hung Vuong street, running straight along National Highway 1A to My Son. Usually for travelers passionate about adventure, prefer adventure, especially backpackers, you only take nearly 2 hours to arrive. The rental price for a motorbike is about 150,000 - 200,000 VND / day. Note should fill the fuel tank before you go and remember to follow the weather forecast.

History of My Son

My Son sanctuary dating to the fourth century. King Bhadresvara built a temple to worship King Bhadravarman - the founder of the first king of the Amaravati region at the end of the fourth century, to be assimilated with Siva god. Then became a god worship - king and royal ancestors. This is a complex of many temples of the Champa kingdom. Located in a small valley and about 2 km in diameter, surrounded by hills and mountains.

Unique Architecture

This is a complex with more than 70 temple towers with many architectural styles of sculpture typical for each historical period of the Champa kingdom. Architectural styles here are divided into 6 categories: ancient style, Hoa Lai, Dong Duong, My Son, PoNagar and the style of the people of Binh Dinh. Most of the architectural works and sculptures in My Son are influenced by Hinduism.

The technique of Cham sculpting on bricks rarely appears in other art at other areas. The towers are pyramidal, symbolizing the holy Meru peak, the abode of Hindu gods. The gate of the tower usually turns to the east to receive sunlight. The outer wall of the tower is often decorated with continuous S-shaped leaf patterns. The decorations are Makara sandstone sculpture statues (mythical beasts with pointed fangs and long proboscis), Apsara dancers, lions, elephants, Garuda birds, and prayers.

They are tightly packed together and to day there has been no research to determine the binder, humanoid, and tower shape. The highlight of the Cham sculpture is to show the vigor of human life with inward flight, refreshment, calmness and worry. Each period of history has its own imprint with distinctive architectural features. My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam shows not only the masterpiece of a Champa architecture. But also the culture of Southeast Asia.

The overall My Son relics

My Son Sanctuary

The whole holy land: consisting of two hills, facing each other in the East - West direction and right at the crossroads of a stream. The stream branches have become the natural boundary dividing this place into four areas A, B, C , D. This division with feng shui elements has just avoided the tearing of the overall architecture. But the center of the Holy Land is a main tower (Kalan) and many small auxiliary towers surround it. The main tower has two doors in the east-west direction, each door has eight steps to go up and the arches.

Especially on each arch is a miniature tower, according to the documents. This is the highest tower in the holy towers in My Son with a height of 24m, the bottom of the tower is square, each side is 10m long. In the tower is a large Linga - Yoni set (now only has a Yoni stone pedestal). The top of the tower has 3 floors, the layers are smaller and the top is sandstone tower. There are fake doors on every floor, with people standing under arches. Two fake doors on both sides are two arches on top of each other, exquisite decoration.

Time and war have devastated the monument. But what left here is still the mysterious beauty. Especially unique architecture features of the Champa people. It is this that has attracted the curiosity of tourists coming here to visit and explore. Children under 15 years old free of charge for admission ticket (including tram fee to the monument and the performance of cultural performances) The local guides are very friendly, enthusiastic and hospitable here. They have national pride so the information they provide to you will be very different than you go with a tour guide.

Activities in My Son

My Son Sanctuary not only bears a distinctive architectural style. But also imbues Cham culture with gentle, flexible Cham dances. Unique with the dances to the ceremony is the sacred dance directed to the gods in the temple tower. Visitors will see the Cham dancers often wear candles, water, flowers, betel nut and betel nut to celebrate to look alive. Or Apsara dance is a dance for the stage.

Tickets to My Son Sanctuary

Overseas: 150,000 VND/ Person (including entrance fee and service fee). Vietnamese: VND 100,000 VND/ Person (including entrance fee and service).

It not only preserves the ancient traces of a culture. But also contains unique historical, cultural, architectural and artistic values. If you come to Quang Nam and ignore My Son Holy World Cultural Heritage, it is really a great deprivation for your Hoi An journey there.

It's great for

  • Family, couple, solo
  • Openning: 8AM - 4:30PM
  • Best time to travel from Sept to April

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