Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach is situated at the end of Cua Dai Road. It's far from Hoi An about 4 km. The beach operating for eight kilometre along the shore. It's start from the the Cham Island ferry port to An Bang Beach.

Sunrise on Cua Dai beach

How Cua Dai Beach is unique?

After the darling of Hoi An, known for its magnificent palm fringed white sand, view of the Cham islands and lux resorts, Cua Dai beach is now impacted by severe coastal erosion. Although the erosion has been found since 2004, the condition has accelerated in recent decades.

In the people segment - in the first part you will see where Cua Dai Road meets the beach - there are parts where it's impossible to take a stroll on the beach, without being waist deep in the ocean.

This main hub, with its numerous fish restaurants and sunlight chair rentals, used to be the primary draw. Now it's an unsightly disaster/construction zone, a mixture of sand bags, tarps, metal sheet piles... and business has all, but dried up. All the hotels & resorts. They've constructed their own protect with stone walls and breakwaters. These are not the very natural sight nevertheless they're definitely more attractive than sandbags. In case your primary purpose of staying in a seaside resort is for the beach, this isn't the place. High end hotels on Cua Dai still deliver on the sea views, swimming pools, restaurants and services - everything.

If you enjoy conveniences and finery, you may get excellent value as rates have fallen through the years and you will find discount rates to be had.

Cua Dai beach

Is it worth visiting Cua Dai Beach?

You may still find plenty of fish places where you are able to eat and drink yourself silly in between relaxing and swimming in the sun - and not surprise, these areas are desperate for business. Avoid the areas off the beach holiday in Hoi An, which provide affordable costs, and attempt the areas on the coast.

You also get sea views and it's definitely not crowded, however anticipate hard core beach traders still queuing up to sell you a tiger balm and also inform you how they fight to make a living. If you do not want anything, then kindly make it clear you're not buying plus they'll leave. The real secret is to head to the little beach next to Victoria Hoi An. Or you may up the shore, towards An Bang Beach. There's a long stretch of rather empty white sand, largely undeveloped except for a few hotels and a handful of sellers offering umbrellas, chairs and cold beverages.

That is a great spot if you wish to break free from the crowds, hardly any tourists know about it. Try the tiny laneway before or following Boutique Hoi An Resort.

What to eat in Cua Da Beach?

There are many specialties when coming to Cua Dai Hoi An beach that you can find to enjoy. Because Hoi An ancient town is not far away, you can move inside to taste the dishes that are loved by many young people. Such as: Rice ball skewers, Phuong bread, dried squid salad, fried noodles ...

Fried squid fish sauce:

Fried squid fish sauce is a dish that every tourist when coming to Cua Dai cannot ignore, fragrant crispy squid of fish sauce, eat a piece that tastes like "bustling" up. Raw materials made from fresh fried fried squid and yellow with chili sauce are very attractive.

Grilled lemongrass stingrays:

Grilled lemongrass stingrays are mentioned by many tourists and learn to enjoy, this is a famous dish in Hoi An ancient land. Delicious dishes in the way the chef knows how to soak turmeric, lemongrass, chilli and just eliminate the fishy smell and create a characteristic flavor. Although it is a special delicacy, the price is very popular and suitable for all customers. Each plate of grilled stingrays is only about VND 40,000 - 60,000.

Steamed chip with lemongrass:

It is an indispensable aftertaste when coming to Cua Dai beach, the dish is representative of the typical cuisine here. Processing this dish requires the chef to be very meticulous and elaborate, from the stage of selecting ingredients to processing, keeping the fire in. The flavor of the chip with steamed lemongrass can make you enjoy once remember not to forget, the sweet meat blends the scent of chilli with increasing attractiveness.

Cua Dai beach is not popular nowadays. But it's still nice Vietnam sightseeing tours place in the central of Vietnam.

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