Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Many people did not expect in the heart of Hoi An Kinh Co, which was famous throughout Vietnam. Where you will have chance to know the historical mark, the ancient architecture, appeared Cam Thanh coconut village.

How Cam Thanh coconut village is unique?

Travelling to Cam Thanh you will feel like you are in the West River (Mekong delta). Do you like the feeling of rowing boat through small rivers, canals and ditches, two sides of coconut groves interspersed with each other, experimenting as fishermen or participating in water games. Come and experience the feeling of adventure in the coconut groves and share the experience of the Cam Thanh village.

When is the best time to go to Cam Thanh village?

Hoi An has 4 distinct seasons. For the convenience of sightseeing, entertainment and activities in the coconut forest I encourage you to travel coconut forest at the following times to avoid hot and cold weather:

January to June: At this time the weather in Cam Thanh is cool, slightly chilly like in Dalat. Very suitable for the exploration and tourism activities in the river region. According to the travel experience. If you want to experience the river region in the best way. So you should go early in the morning, at this time the weather is cool and not very sunny. Also you will be free to have fun, discover. Or you can go in the afternoon about 4pm to avoid the sun! Visiting in the afternoon is the advantage of rising water, the river water is clear, the wind is blowing gently.

August to November: During this time the weather is cool in Cam Thanh coconut village, sometimes with rain, but not significantly. If you want to escape from the heat in the city, so Cam Thanh is a great choice, it is close to Hoi An Ancient Town, convenient for traveling. To not miss any attractions we suggest you should visit the following locations: Visiting Hoi An Ancient Town at night is the most beautiful next to Cam Thanh coconut forest - Cu Lao Cham - Da Nang beach.

How to go to Cam Thanh Village?

4km from Hoi An Ancient Town, the means to move to Cam Thanh coconut foresteasily. Come here, which follows the Hoai River to the east. You will be spoiled for boating on the river, fishing, and moreover you will enjoy the specialties of the river life.

According to experience, you can go here by 2 ways as follows:

By water way: The fastest river way is to go to Hoi An market, to reach the Bay Mau coconut forest you have to go to the boat station located on the Bach Dang River Road.

By Road: From Tran Phu street, you turn to Nguyen Duy street. Then turn right to go to Tran Nhan Tong street and go to Coconut Forest Seven acres.

Using boats, basket boat in coconut forest you will be assured of safety by being equipped with life jackets. You consult the price of boat rental, basket boat as per your experience to go to the Seven Mau Coconut Forest.

What to eat in Cam Thanh Coconut village?

Central Vietnam is famous from ancient times with delicious dishes. Such as: Quang noodles, fish ball noodles, Nam O fish salad, cake xeo, beat... Especially Hoi An, an ancient tourist city, is more and more attractive to tourists with the dishes of the central flavor. Set a few steps to Cam Thanh you will enjoy the specialities dishes. There are many restaurants, food is very delicious, attractive with reasonable price.

Activities in Cam Thanh village

Cam Thanh Coconut Forest belonging to the Thu Bon and Co Co river downstream. Here you will see how fishermen catch fish? How does everyday life take place? Surely you will get interesting experiences in Cam Thanh coconut forest.

Come to Cam Thanh Coconut Forest if you skip the activity of sailing to visit coconut forest you will regret it. Try to spend 1 hour as a boatman, rowing along the water flowing through coconut forests, like lost in that fairyland. In addition, you will be instructed to make gifts from coconut, such as coconut rings...

Hope you will have interesting experiences holiday in Hoi An at Cam Thanh coconut forest, come and feel Cam Thanh coconut forest! Many tourists come here to give it the beloved name "Mekong delta in the heart of the Hoi An old town". Beside that you can join some other activities like biking, mud bathing...

Coming to Cam Thanh Coconut Forest after having fun, sightseeing, eating and drinking, the rest of the beautiful moments here is indispensable.

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