An Bang Beach

An Bang beach a name can not fail to mention when visiting the ancient city of Hoi An. Quiet as the soul of the people here, as the land of ancient and peaceful Hoi An town. An Bang beach is mentioned as part of Hoi An's soul. With fine sand, white ivory, with the ideal length of the coast, and peaceful waves crashing, noiseless, abundance, not billowing like other lands made a typical beach of Hoi An.

An Bang Beach

Location of An Bang Beach

An Bang beach is Hoi An's tourist destination in Cam An ward of Hoi An ancient city , which used to be a beach where people in the area come to bathe in the early morning, so this place still retains its beauty. Wild to pure, there is no artificial cutting. An Bang beach is peaceful, contains contemplation and tranquility, in stark contrast to the lively and bustling Cua Dai sea of ​​youthful and modern life.

How Ang Bang Beach is unique?

Only a few kilometers away from Hoi An city. Come here, set foot on the white sandy beach, watch the light purple seabed flowers growing on the gentle sandy face, stepping down into the clear, fresh blue water. giving the soul a comfortable, gentle rhythm with nature, pouring out the sorrow of the hustle.

You will be amazed at the very beautiful scenery of An Bang beach. Because the wide beach with the blue color of the sea, the sky is the main alternating white ivory of the sandy beach like a thin piece of silk cross. Prominent on it is the image of simple, simple baskets of fishermen. Fresh air is airy and peaceful. At this place, hands up to breathe deeply to feel the fresh and cool air, the salty taste of the sea breeze will make you feel like you are lost in a fantasy world. Coming to An Bang Beach, there is only rest and relaxation. You will like to get rid of tiredness, grief, busy life worries.

image of An Bang beach

Early in the dream, when visitors walk on the beach, will see images of girls, boys who are hard to catch the wind shackle, the basket boats in the distance floating before the waves. Many tourists do not like the noisy, cramped often looking to An Bang beach to enjoy the tranquility, quiet beauty of the place, to be comfortable bathing, lying on the reading chair, exposing yourself in Sunny sea, silently watching Cu Lao Cham Island in the distance and when the sun is high. It resides in the coconut roofs to avoid the sun. Big and strong waves of An Bang beach are suitable for those who are passionate about throwing water balls, dancing, and surfing.

An Bang Sea - The soul of the ocean

To Hoi An tourist destination - An Bang beach. You should go early in the morning, have fun playing all day without boredom on the beach and return to Hoi An city when night falls. Beside that you can also stay in motels from simple to modern here. That is the best way to see the sky full of shining stars with the sound of day and night waves hitting the sand...

An Bang beach is included in the list of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNN Go in 2011. I's also known by many tourists and become a famous name in the locations of Hoi An tourism.

Activities in An Bang Beach

You can pick up the dawn on the sea. There is nothing more fun to teach early in the distance. Step by step lightly on the smooth sand surface, the late dewdrops slowly and gently glide on the coconut leaf ships, drifting gently into the sand. The sun slowly rose from the sea surface, the first warm next day shining. The whole sea seemed to sink in red. At this very clear water it looked like a mirror reflecting the sun. At noon when the sun rises, the bright yellow rays shining on the ground, the whole sea creates a sparkling space like you are lost in a treasure of sparkling gems. It's wonderful time for taking picture. If you are beach photos lover, so An Bang beach is a great idea for photo trip in Hoi An.

Sunset at Hoi An's An Bang beach

Not only bathing but also visiting the beach with adventurous games. Such as windsurfing, boarding cano boats on the sea. Or you can rent canoes or water motorbikes for excursions around the shore. These are indispensable pleasures. Moreover, there are also bars and restaurant. Guests will enjoy the fun while enjoying the beautiful scenery right on the beach. These bars are no different from beach music parties. Interestingly enough, when you sip a glass of wine, the music collapses in the ear ... the atmosphere is bustling.

Although it is a seaside area, when you come here. You can still enjoy all the specialties of Hoi An. Some dishes you can enjoy when coming here. Such as: Cao Lau, Cake beat fried with mussels, cakes fish soup, cake with grilled meat, banh beo, banh xeo .... Although it is not new dishes. But has a very specific and characteristic flavor, making a specialty brand in Hoi An .

What to eat in An Bang beach?

In addition, when you come to An Bang beach, Hoi An, visitors can enjoy many delicious dishes of the sea such as squid, lobster, sea fish ... which are attractive processing. And the fresh specialties of Hoi An. All combined will give visitors a sense of happiness filled with each of their senses.

It's great for

  • Beach relaxation, Family with teen, family with kids, couple, solo traveller

Are you a lover of discovery? Or simply want to find a new place, quiet, away from the bustling hustle of life, a place with sea and sky, mountains, where peace is washed with smooth waves superhuman people, where there is a vast open space. So nowhere else is it to travel to Hoi An - An Bang beach. Your Vietnam beach holidays will be more wonderful only at An Bang beach. Let's us know how many days you will stay there, then we can create the perfect holiday in Hoi An itinerary for you at Origin Vietnam. Are you ready for this tour? Go and feel. Wish you have a happy trip to Hoi An.

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