Thien Hau Pagoda

In the midst of the vibrant and modern urban life of Saigon. There are traditional colors and ancient beauty of Thien Hau pagoda. This over 200-year-old temple is a sacred place in the middle of prosperous Saigon, reminding people to find a peaceful and peaceful place to pray for the blessings of their families and loved ones.

Discover Ba Thien Hau Pagoda in Saigon

Address at 710 Nguyen Trai, District 5. The pagoda was built in the 18th century by the Chinese. This is one of the most sacred place you cannot miss when travel to Saigon. Every Tet holiday, Saigon people often come to burn incense for the New Year in peace.

History of Thien Hau Pagoda

The exact name of this place is Thien Hau Communal house, which translates into Vietnamese, means the temple to worship Thien Hau. However, in the way of calling the folk in the South of our country, anywhere sacred is called a temple.

Legend of Thien Hau Pagoda

It is said that Ba Thien Hau Pagoda has a great influence on the cultural life of the Chinese community living in Saigon. It has existed for 258 years but it still retains the characteristics of the architecture of the people. Flower. Many sculptures, sculptures, artifacts and historical and artistic values still preserved. The main thing that makes this place more and more attractive all visitors.

Although there are many other temples and pagodas around. But this place always attracts a large number of people and visitors from all over the country to do good deeds. In addition, this is also a favorite place for photographers to make Tet pictures with Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai.

How Thien Hau pagoda is unique?

If you are looking for a temple with Chinese characteristics and pure Asian architecture. This will definitely be the first choice. The pagoda was built in a stylized triangular way at the main entrance and there are two corridors on the sides.

The pagoda is divided into three main area. The First Palace, the Second Palace and the Main Palace with worshiping places of gods in Chinese history. The main hall is the main sanctuary of Thien Hau with her statue of Thien Mau carved from a prominent wooden block in an extremely quiet, mysterious and sacred space.

The fist area is the place where worshiping places of Phuc Duc Chanh deity (terrestrial deity - ruler of the land of the people) and Mon Quan Vuong left (deity are kept). Finally, the Second Palace with the oldest 130-year-old censer in history with many meticulous and intricate sculptures.

Architecture of Thien Hau Pagoda

Just entering the gate, visitors will be impressed by the quiet looks of the temple. Everything is tinted with time, making the space even more tranquil. Stepping through the small gate will get lost in a mysterious but also familiar place. Throughout the temple is the main architectural part, where religious activities are organized. In the middle, there is a space like the skylight that allows light and incense to fly upwards. The two sides of the walkway are separated to make it easier for visitors to travel. Especially on the full moon days.

In the middle of the main hall is a statue of Thien Hau. Around the yellow - red light is dominant along with the black wooden, the candle light shimmering as the observer. Even once, you will have a deep impression that cannot be expressed in words about that mysterious.

The roof is also decorated with many statues of various shapes and sizes. Even so, all are harmoniously and strangely beautiful. If you look carefully at each line, you will understand how subtle it is. Since then more respect about their enthusiasm and talent.

The highlight of Ba Thien Hau pagoda is the unique incense rings hang on from ceiling. Visitors can buy and record your wishes or wishes on paper. Then you hang up with the face to pray to Thien Hau.

Another special highlight of the temple is that all materials imported from China. From precious wood to incense, from bas-reliefs to figurines, .... That partly shows Ba Thien Hau pagoda is very important in the life of Chinese people in Saigon.

When is the best time to visit Thien Hau Pagoda?

Every Tet holiday, festivals such as Lunar New Year or on the first day of the lunar month, people and many tourists often go to Thien Hau pagoda to pray for their blessings. peace and tranquility. This is the best time to visit the pagoda. Because that you can understand more about local culture and custom.

If you have chance to make Ho Chi Minh City tour Going to Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is not only a bridge. But also an opportunity for you to learn about the history and architecture of the ancient temple. Wherever you go, you still find the balance and serenity whenever you visit Thien Thien pagoda.

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