Bo bia

Bo bia is a type of avenue snacks that tends to be ignored by the typical travelling avenue muncher. Possibly it’s because of its similarity in look to goi cuon, the well-known Vietnamese contemporary spring rolls. Nonetheless, when you’ve had just a few – and you'll have just a few at one go – you’ll see why bo bia is a unique roll altogether.

Bo bia


Bo bia seems to be like a mini-version of goi cuon with its distinctive rice paper wrapper, however that is the place Vietnam’s affect ends and China take over. Inside, the roll bears a detailed resemblance to popiah, a Fujian-style contemporary spring roll. Whereas goi cuon depends on herbs like mint and chives to offer it a little bit of heft within the style division, bo bia makes use of every filling ingredient to offer a definite style not often present in Vietnamese delicacies: the roll is full of thinly sliced jicama and carrots, egg omelette ribbons, xa xiu or Chinese language sausage and dried shrimp. The sliced xa xiu is positioned within the final layer of the rice paper wrapper to offer the roll its distinctive look. It’s served with a peanut flavoured dipping sauce paying homage to the sauce served with goi cuon in Nha Trang. Fried shallots and chopped chillies spherical out the sauce.

Bo bia is a medley of flavours and textures. The jicama and carrot give the roll its crunchy texture, counterbalancing the egg’s softness. The considerably fatty xa xiu provides a richness to the roll missing in goi cuon.

Most bo bia distributors could be discovered wandering the streets of Ho Chi Minh City on bicycles and also you’ll in all probability hear them earlier than you see them. These distributors solely serve take-away parts, with every thing positioned in plastic baggage. That's fantastic for the rolls, nevertheless it makes for a irritating consuming expertise when making an attempt to dip the bo bia into the sauce within the bag.

If you're on the lookout for a pink plastic stool expertise, you'll find an excellent bo bia stand at Ho Con Rua or Turtle Lake on Pham Ngoc Thach and Vo Van Tan, the place you'll get your dipping sauce in a correct cup. Because the rolls are the size of an index finger, most individuals organize them in batches as only one doesn’t fill you up. Count on to pay 5,000 VND per roll.