Where is Hanoi Cathedral

Grand Cathedral of Hanoi is a famous "three centuries old". The unique architecture of the great church and its history has always made visitors far and near to admire. The church is where people come to each other when they need quiet space, peace to balance life. Where is the address of Hanoi Cathedral? Let Origin Travel find the answer for you.

 Hanoi Cathedral

Where is the Cathedral of Hanoi?

The Hanoi Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Vietnam. According to ancient times, Hanoi Cathedral was built on the base of Bao Thien tower (also known as Bao Thien Pagoda) famous Ly. Thus, the Great Church was the result of cultural intercourse between East and West and two distinct religions, Buddhism and Christianity.

The forerunner of the Grand Chapel is a small wooden church built by the French bishop in 1884. The church was inaugurated in 1887 with the original name St. Joseph's Church. Over time with many times embellished new church looks like the present.

So far, the Great Church has spent three centuries with the ups and downs of the country.

The current address of the Cathedral at 40, Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem District. Adjacent to the church is the archbishop of Hanoi, the seminary of St. Joseph Hanoi, the Lovers of the Cross of Hanoi.

With impressive architecture and interesting historical-cultural stories, the Grand Cathedral is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Hanoi, which is very popular for domestic and foreign tourists.

Unique architecture of the Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Cathedral owns unique architecture and luxury. Although experiencing the moss of time, but the church retains the beautiful beauty, aristocratic with the blend of East West architecture, Buddha - God.

 Hanoi Cathedral

That is why the church is an indispensable destination in the journey of tourists in Hanoi one day.

In the interplay between two different cultures - different religions, the main architectural style of the great church is the Gothic. This was a very flourishing design in the Middle Ages - the twentieth century was in the Renaissance.

The architecture of the Hanoi Cathedral has similarities with the Notre Dame Cathedral with its large, curved dome, facing the sky. Although the wall paint has covered the color of time, but almost magnificent architecture, the magnificence of an ancient church is kept sharp.

You will not be surprised to see every detail in the whole church design. Whether it is simply stained glass or a small door frame is arranged, decorated very clever and delicate.

In particular, the church also has a five-bell bell set in the church. When the church bells ring in the space of time to signal to everyone.

Guide to visit Hanoi Cathedral

Hanoi Cathedral is located in the center so it is very convenient to go. According to the travel experience of Hanoi, you can take a bus or rent a motorbike to go to church. The bus is very convenient because there are stops near the church, the fare is cheap. Left, if you want to ride motorcycles, cars, you have to send the car outside and walk to church.

Renting a taxi, motorcycle taxi is also a smart choice for your Hanoi trip. However, pay attention to the price agreement in order not to be hacked.

Hanoi Cathedral is one of the famous religious activities. You can save the church calendar as follows:

  • On weekdays from Monday to Friday, Mass takes place at 05h30 and 18h15.
  • The seventh day has a Mass at 18h00.
  • There are 7 Masses on Sundays: 05h00, 07h00, 09h00, 11h00 (French), 16h00 (Children's Festival), 18h00, 20h00 (youth ceremony).

Not only is a religious space - catholic church tourism is also a public holiday of Hanoi. From early morning to late night around worship thanks to crowds. People come to exercise, breathe fresh air.

People gathered together friends "lemon tea cutting wind" in the restaurants around the church ... Especially around the church there are many fun, famous dining of the city.

Refer to the opening hours of the cathedral in Hanoi

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