Visiting Hanoi Handicraft Villages

Hanoi is one of the biggest city in Vietnam. This is the great place you should visit at least once. In order to discover many beauty of culture and sightseeing, a destination you should consider is Hanoi Handicraft villages.

Three or four hundred years ago, the Red River brought Hanoi the vitality of a commercial center. Next to it is the famous for the traditional handicraft villages. Those are associated with the long-distance trade of Vietnamese traders. Moreover, products made at Hanoi handicraft villages, have contributed greatly to preserving the national cultural identity. They also fullied their mission of introducing Vietnamese culture to all regions in the world. So, why don’t you take a tours in Hanoi and explore the life of ruralsuburbs of Hanoi?

Traditional handicraft villages are known the most in the world

1, Bat Trang – Pottery making

Bat Trang – Hanoi handicraft village with pottery making

Certainly, when referring to the traditional handicraft villages, Bat Trang pottery village is the first name to come to people’s mind. It has become a destination that young people love and want to go the most. Because you can try participating directly in the process of creating ceramic products. And that means creating products with the shapes that you personally like.

Bat Trang is an ancient village located on the bank of the Red River. In the pastlocal people made their living by developing the ceramics. They possess the technique of creating the glaze and precision kiln. And they always put their heart into the artwork. The artisans have skillfully created a special ceramic product in harmony with composition and color. Nowadays, famous ceramics have been on the road to conquer consumers both in the country and in the world. So that everyone knows the pottery products are very sophisticated and polymorphic. But also colorful extremely fun and familiar.

2, Van Phuc – Silk Weaving

Van Phuc – Hanoi handicraft village with Silk Weaving

A long time ago, it was known as Ha Dong silk village, also called Van Phuc silk village. This is one of the most famous handicraft villages. It is the home of silk. This is considered to be the famous and beautiful silk weaving place for millenniums ago. Therefore, Ha Dong Silk is a very unique and special handmade silk textile. It is the most typical of all textile fibers made in Vietnam. The silk is very durable, beautiful, and extremely various in color, style. When having holiday in Hanoi to this village, you will visit the textile workshop. Also learn how to create soft silks by the stages such as silk sewing, spinning, sewing and then dyeing. Each of them has to be conducted under strict regulations. That is necessary in order sothe new products can be well-known throughout Vietnam and around the world.

3, Thach Xa bamboo dragonfly village

Thach Xa bamboo dragonfly village

Anyone who has ever lived in the countryside must not have forgotten the dragonfly wings. "Dragonflies fly lowly means it is rainy. Flying high means it’s sunny. In the middle means it’s cloudy" said the proverb. This opinion has ever become a 'fun weather forecast' that children in rural Vietnam usually believe in. Thach Xa Village is located at the foot of the West Mountain, is not only famous for Che Lam, (the local specialty). But it is also well known for making unique bamboo dragonflies. These products are the dragonflies made from bamboo then covered with colorful, funny pictures. They are sold on the market as a souvenir, representing the toy of children in rural areas. The fragile winged dragonfly symbolizes the tranquility of the Vietnamese village as something that always attracts and attracts foreigners. So, if you want to return to the pure, carefree, with just a little bit of naughtiness childhood. You can stop by your Hanoi handicraft villages tour and visit the "dragonfly village" at the foot of this Western mountain.

Handicraft villages are all very interesting and attractive to many tourists. They represented a traditional culture, a pride, a huge part inthe life of people of Hanoi. So keep them in your note of places to go when coming to Hanoi. You can contact Origin Travel if you want more advice and suggestion at or call direct to +8439541206.

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