Tram Mountain

When referring to Vietnam vacation spots, many people will think of Hanoi. The capital of Vietnam is gifted with an abundance of sightseeing places. One beautiful tourist destination is the Tram Mountain. Today, Origin Travel would like to introduce to this beautiful rocky plateau in the suburban.

Tram Mountain is a wonderful place with amazing limestone blocks. It is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. As well as experience the exciting climbing activity with your friends. Therefore, Tram Mountain is considered one of the best sightseeing places in Hanoi for people who like nature.

Tram mountain

How to go to Tram Mountain?

Nui Tram is located in the prosperous delta, in Long Chau hamlet, Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district. This place is more than 20 km from the center of the capital. This is the best sightseeing places in Hanoi for a trekking day or a picnic at weekend. Tram Mountain is also recognized as a historical monument.

Depends on your preference, you can go to Tram Mountain by car or by motorbike. To reach Tram Mountain, you drive along the direction Hoa Binh on Highway 6, to Chuc Son Town (Chuong My District). Then you will see the right turn sign to Tram Pagoda. Following the trail to the foot of the mountain. You can stop here and start climbing.

Another way is take the bus from Hanoi. You can take bus numbered 37, 57, 72, or 80. You will get off at the head of Chuc Son town, then turn to Ninh village. You can walk or catch a motorbike about 2 km to reach Tram Mountain.

What to experience in Tram Mountain

Discovering the beauty of Tram Mountain is an indispensable experience in Vietnam day tours. Here there are many famous landmarks, as well as attractive destinations you cannot ignore

Tram Pagoda

View rice field from Tram Mountain

Not only is a sacred temple, but Tram Pagoda is also one of the best sightseeing places in Hanoi. The temple was built a long time ago, from the sixteenth century. When you come here you can feel peace, quietness. The harmony of nature and the temple make you feel extremely pleasant. It is very suitable for relaxing. Especially, if you travel to Vietnam on February 2 (lunar calendar), you will have a chance to attend the Festival Tram. This is a very interesting and attracting cultural activity.

Long Tien Cave (Hang Pagoda)

Long Tien Cave, also known as Hang Pagoda (Hang Tram), is a unique temple. It is located in a large cave. And is considered to be the most unique site in Vietnam today. Besides, this place also has many interesting things for you to explore. You can see the ancient poems carved on the cliff inside the cave. All these poems celebrate the beauty of Tram Mountain. Because of this, Long Tien Cave becomes an interesting sightseeing spot for a lot of people.

Tram Mountain

Ha Tay - Tram mountain

If you are a young adventurer you have to conquer Tram Mountain. The mountain is not far from the green city. It is located between the immense rice field. The mountain is high enough for you to watch the overview of natural scenery. When you reach the top, you can watch the fresh natural space, listen to the wind blow. And not to mention see the whole scenery of rice fields, peaceful village. The green meadows stretch among the mountains. This creates a poetic valley.

You can also go camping with your friends here. If you stay overnight, you will be immersed in the beautiful sunset or clear mist at dawn. If you don’t want to bring a lot of bulky goods, at the foot of the mountain there are shops to rent things. The necessary things are tents, lamps, kitchen tools, grills, bowls, etc. Tent for 4 people costs 5$ per night, a tent for two people is 3.5$ per night. The cost of other tools is about up to 1$. Do not forget to bring a camera, as the view is very majestic. You will have a lot of beautiful photos. For young people, this is what makes Tram one of the best sightseeing places in Hanoi.

For a traveler, it is wonderful to view the wonderful scene from the top of Tram Mountain. And of course, welcome the radiant sunlight and fresh atmosphere outside the capital. There is nothing greater than picking up your backpack to travel to Vietnam and experience the beauty of Tram Mountain. If this has sparked your interest, please contact Origin Travel for more information about Tram Mountain.

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