Things to do in Hanoi for a perfect holiday

There are many joyful activities that you should once experience when coming to Hanoi. But you need to be well-prepared to be able to enjoy this thousand-year-old city. Here are the necessary things to do in Hanoi.

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Hanoi is a major economic, cultural and political center of Vietnam. It has made a special mark in the hearts of tourists. Hanoi capture everyone with the beauty of culture, elegance but no less modern. Hanoi became a piece of land to attract the hearts of many people. Therefore traveling to Hanoi and discovery this city is the right choice you should not skip. Below it is some things to do in Hanoi to help you have the good trip for holiday.

First things to do in Hanoi is preparation for transporting

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The first things to do in Hanoi tours is preparation for transporting. Hanoi is a great city with convenient transportation. Guests can travel to Hanoi by various means. As long as they meet the needs and conditions themselves. Here is some information for you to refer to.

By plane: Visitors will land at Noi Bai International Airport. It will take about 30 minutes to move into the city center. Noi Bai International Airport operates many domestic and international flights. So it is convenient for travelers whether they near or far. The trick that travelers should pocket when traveling by plane is hunting for cheap airfare deals by airlines. In addition, you should book airfare before the trip from 3 - 6 months. This will also help you save some costs.

Beside, train or bus is also very convenient for you. Buses and train stations are centrally located. So are very convenient for commuting. Compared to airfare, train tickets are considered as affordable and reasonable. However, traveling to Hanoi by bus and train will take some time.

Additionally, if the distance to Hanoi is not too far and you are an adventurous person. Then travel Hanoi by motorcycle is also an impressive choice. With this form of travel you will experience new feelings on the road. This also allow you to be more active in your trip.

You need to plan your accommodation well:


Getting a good hotel to stay in is also one of the most important things to do in Hanoi. Travelers should take note and research before traveling to Hanoi. Prior to the trip you should find information about rooms, hotels. This is needed to choose a suitable location. Visitors should rely on many sources of information and compare prices to get the best price.

In addition, visitors should book beforehand to reserve the rooms. This is to avoid your chosen hotel is out of room when you come. Accommodation in Hanoi with the popular price range from 150,000 to 200,000 VND / day. With high class hotels, the price will be well more expensive. So visitors should consider the choices well before choosing.

Preparation for luggage is the most necessary things to do:

Preparing your luggage is very important for a trip. This is especially true for Hanoi travel. A lot of tourists wonder what they need to bring when traveling to Hanoi. This is the information that are shared by a lot of visitors. Those who have had the experience of traveling to Hanoi before. You should take note to have the best preparation.

First, you should prepare to provide important identification such as ID, passport, visa or ATM card. It would be a hassle if visitors forget one of the above papers at home. Or if you have already paid for some online services, you should bring the factor of piece of confirmation with you when necessary.

Second, your phone will be a close companion to help you communicate with people. Besides, if you have a smartphone you can use its alternative camera or video recorder. It can also help you find information about travel on the Internet.

Do not forget to bring your mini medical cabinet. It will help you handle medical cases quickly and neatly.

Hat, glass and sunscreen are absolutely necessary. The summer in Hanoi can be pretty challenging due to its humidity. Bring a mist spray if you need to. Remember to wear cool, comfortable clothes.

Above is the list of things to do in Hanoi to have a perfect holiday. For more information and advice on Hanoi or Vietnam tours, contact Origin Vietnam.

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