Temple of Literature

Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam. Also call Temple of Literature is one of the top Ha Noi tourist attraction. Not only is the witness of the thousand years of Hanoi capital. The Temple of Literature is also the school "born" many talents for the country. Follow the tourists to visit Hanoi. Origin Travel would like to introduce the Temple of Literature - The first university in Vietnam to you. Invite you to see through.

Temple of Literature

The first university in Vietnam

The Temple of Literature is two works were built to teach and worship Confucius and ancient scholars of Confucian scholars. Temple was built in 1070 under King Ly Thanh Tong, and Temple of Literature was built in 1076, under King Ly Nhan Tong.

It can be said that the Ly dynasty was the most prosperous stage of education in Vietnam during the period of feudal lordship and Temple of Literature 's study. This is the most obvious evidence of King Ly Nhan Tong's determination to improve his education.

This is a work built to promote the spirit of learning the people as well as seeking talent for the country. After being built, studying in Temple of Literature began in 1076.

Doctors' Stone Stelea in Temple of Literature

Pupils (pupils) Temple of Literature , who passed the Huong examination, passed the examination at the Ministry of Ceremonies will be admitted to the National University to hear lectures, writing to prepare exam . Many well-known scholars have contributed to the court's study in Temple of Literature.

Today's Thai study in the Temple of Literature Temple, which is the former Temple of Literature, for the students to study, the literature. This can be considered as the first national university in Vietnam, the birthplace of talent for the country.

The unique architecture of Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature is a beautiful tourist destination in Hanoi , located in the south of Thang Long royal citadel, in an area of 55.027m 2 , divided into 5 separate areas according to each zone. The Van Mieu Temple of Literature archaeological complex from the entrance is the Temple of Literature, the Great Wall, the Khue Van Cac, Dai Thanh and the Thai Temple.

The first area from the main temple gate to the Great Gate. The two right hand side of the Great Gate has two small doors, the door is called Thanh Duc (became a virtuous person), on the right called Dat Tai (become a talented).

Dai Trung Mon Gate was built in 3-storey architecture on the high brick, tile roof, the middle of which hung a small sign of the three words Dai Trung Mon.

The second area from Greater Japan to Khue Van Cac - an architectural representation of Vietnamese literature and education. Khue Van Cau was built in 1805 with wooden architecture taking the image of Shining star.

In order to portray the image of the star, the four sides of the Khue Van Vien shaped four circular windows with their beams radiating from the sides of the sun.

The third area consists of large square-shaped wells of Thien Quang, creating harmonious harmony for the whole Van Mieu Temple of Literature relic and two rows of doctoral beer.

Each row has 41 beers, a stone inscription on a turtle symbolizes immortality. 82 stone steles symbolize the people who have ever achieved the title in Temple of Literature, the most valuable artifact symbolizes the fondness of the Vietnamese people through 82 examinations.

Temple of Literature

The meaning of the Khue Van Cac and Thien Quang lake

According to ancient ideas, the architecture of Khue Van The was built according to the theory of yin and yang. Khue Van Cac has 8 roofs of the bowl, plus a roof above it is 9, the number is truu. According to the translation, the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 belong to the positive, Khue Van The has 9, ie the number of positive, representing the sun.

The Thien Quang square represents the ground, while the Khue Van The represents the sun, meaning Temple of Literature is the center of all the essence of heaven and earth.

The fourth area is the center, the outside is Bai Road, the inside is the Upper Palace.

The fifth area is the Temple of Revelation worshiping the parents of Confucius and the Thai School, where the training of the talents for the court.

For thousands of years, despite the erosion of time, some architectures have been destroyed, but Van Mieu Temple of Literature is still considered a symbol of education elitism, cultural beauty of the Vietnamese nation.

Visiting Temple of Literature

Temple Temple of Literature is located in the center of Hanoi, at 58 Temple of Literature. Tourists traveling to Hanoi one day want to visit the Temple of Literature can take a taxi or bus, travel time about 10 minutes.

The Temple of Literature campus is very large. It's divided into 5 areas connected by the divine axis from the beginning to the end. Follow this path of spirituality, visitors will be exploring all the works of Van Mieu Temple of Literature.

The entrance to Van Mieu Temple of Literature is located at Tam Quan Gate (there are 3 doors, the door in the middle of the high and two floors). Entering the gate of Tam Quan is the entrance, visitors will go straight to the second gate, called the Great Gate. After visiting the Great Hall, visitors will go straight to Khue Van Cac - a symbolic work of Temple of Literature.

With the idea of developing education, Khue Van Cac is the place to attract many tourists to visit. Going to Khue Van Cau, tourists will see two small ports named Bi Van and Suc Van. These two doors together with the guard of Khue Van Cac lead visitors to a unique sightseeing site. That is the Thien Quang well and the area of doctor steals.

This is a fairly large area, Thien Quang wells are centered, the two sides are home to Dr. beer, each side is 41 steles form 2 horizontal rows turn towards Thien Quang well.

After visiting the third area. You have to walk through Dai Thanh Gate. This is only one way to reach the main area of Temple of Literature, named Dai Bai Road. After Bai Bai Road, the monastery was more secretive than the worshipers. Between the worship of Confucius, the left worship Monk and Mencius, the right to worship Nhan Tu and Tu Tu.

This is an area of worship so visitors must remain silent when visiting this place.

At the end of the road is the Holy Temple. It's former capital Temple of Literature includes lecture hall, library and temporary.

Some note when visiting Temple of Literature

According to the travel experience of Hanoi. Because this is a national monument so all visitors have to follow regulations here. Especially do not destroy the landscape and artifacts within the relic.

Should maintain a serious attitude, when entering the worship area or incense.

Preserve the birth of the relic.

For more information about Hanoi tourism, visitors can refer to the article "Sharing experiences while traveling in Hanoi".

Temple of Literature is still a symbol of time in Hanoi. With a comprehensive introduction of Temple of Literature. Visitors will have chance to know about the place associated with the capital of this thousand years of history. Have a nice trip to Hanoi with Origin Travel.

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