Hanoi street food

Hanoi street food is known as local specialty in the capital of Vietnam. Many foreigners, who visit Hanoi, often say that these kinds of food is the best thing about their tours in Hanoi

Hanoi is attractive to visitors by famous places. You can list Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, Ba Vi National Park ... But cuisine is also one of the causes that many visitors want to set foot in this place. are some simple local foods that anyone always eats as daily food. Such as Banh Mi, Bun Cha and so on. Just like Saigon, Hanoi is considered a paradise for all the food lovers. Let's take a look at some of the food below. They can be simple and already familiar. But their taste is surely second to none. Here are the best street foods the Hanoi culinary tours have to offer.

Top 5 Hanoi street food that you should try out once

1, Chao Suon – common Hanoi street food

Chao Suon – common Hanoi street food

This Hanoi street food is the favorite snack of the majority of customers when coming to Hanoi. A bowl of smooth porridge, accompanied by chewy carton slices. Then it is added to the oil porridge, sprinkle a little pepper and chili. Then finally a bowl of Chao Suon will be displayed in front of you. In hunger and thirst, nothing can be happier than being handed a pot of hot chao suon with a irresitible aroma.

2, Hot snail – favorite Hanoi street food of the younger

Oc nong – favorite Hanoi street food of the younger

This dish is no stranger because it can be considered one of the favorite dishes of young people. Whether it is winter or summer, this dish is always welcomed. The experience of sitting down and enjoy the plate of the hot snail with your friends are indeed awesome. The fat round nut, dot with spicy sauce, salty sweet and citrus flavor will bring you an unforgettable feeling. So whenever you come to Hanoi, don’t forget this food

3, Hot Duc Cake – rustic Hanoi food

Banh Duc nong – rustic Hanoi street food

Imagine multiple bowls of soft, smooth Banh Duc, sprinkled with a hot sauce. They are also combined with minced meat, wood ear, parsley and a little onion. This Hanoi street food for any foodaholic when coming to Hanoi. You can also add "topping" types such as tofu or homemade sausages to make the dish more round.

4, Fried potatoes or banana cake

Banana cake

This is truly the most typical of Hanoi culinary. These roadside eateries are usually less crowded on hot summer days. Because too many greasy foods can be too much for some people. However, it is the hottest food in the evening. After a full day of discovering you have no reason to refuse this delicious food. The crispy cakes not only make you crave but also want to eat more there.

5, Skewer of meat

Skewer of meat

These street skewers of meat are not fussy or fancy. But they have long become favorite snacks for many people. For many, they are even a part of childhood. When the weather becomes cold, the smell of barbecue on the street will definitely catch your attention. Beef buns can be served with a typical bean sauce or chili sauce. Then accompanied by a selection of pickles that will give you a great taste.

We have just had discovered the street food. You can see that the beauty of Hanoi and the special feature of this city are in local delicious foods. When coming here, you can visit may sightseeing. And you can also go and enjoy some street food which you will never find anywhere else in the world. Street food in Hanoi is usually simple and modest. But they are all unique and fantastically tasty.

Exploring street food is also a way to discover the living style of people here. You can find out their habit, their taste, preference, and habits. Now you can look up many tours in Hanoi to start enjoying all the delicious foods.

Hope this article has sparked your interest in Hanoi culinary culture. You can start your journey of discovering one of the cities with the richest food culture in Vietnam right now. For more information, you can contact Origin Vietnam.

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