Hanoi Cathedral

Bold old French architecture, long ago. Hanoi Cathedral is the ideal place for visitors to visit. For Catholics, the Cathedral is a great place to pray. For more information about this famous tourist destination. Please follow the article "Introduction to Hanoi Cathedral" by Origin Travel below.

Hanoi Cathedral

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1. Some information needed to know about Hanoi Cathedral

  • Address: #40, Nha Chung Str, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Opening hours:

  • Sunday: from 7:00 to 11:30 am, from 15h00 to 21h00.
  • From Monday to Saturday: 8am to 11am, from 14h00 to 20h00.

Hours of praying

  • From Monday to Friday: 5:30 and 18:15
  • Saturday: 18h00
  • Sunday: 5h00, 07h00, 09h00, 11h00 (French), 16h00 (children's festival), 18h00, 20h00 (adults ceremony).


Hanoi Cathedral is a unique architectural works associated with the people of the capital over the centuries. The church is a place of worship for Catholics and a popular tourist attraction in Hanoi.

If you have a chance to tour Hanoi visitors do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cathedral.

2. History of Hanoi Cathedral

According to some records the former of cathedral is where Bao Thien Pagoda is located. The temple was built from the Ly dynasty. It is known that the Thien Tu was famous self-made capital of Dai Viet during the dynasties from Ly - Tran - Le - Nguyen.

By the end of the 18th century, Bao Thien pagoda was destroyed and the pagoda became the market land of the people of Dai Viet at that time. Later, the government transferred that land for priest to build the church.

Initially, the church was built of wooden for religious activities. By 1884 the church began to build more spacious with terracotta tiles. Despite many difficulties in the process of construction, but the church was completed in time for Christmas in 1888.

Although officially known as St. Joseph's Cathedral, people and visitors still call it the BIG Cathedral. Perhaps because of the scale and uniqueness of the architecture of the church has made people think of this name.

Over the many ups and downs of history, the Cathedral is considered as the "Witness" of the "change of meat" of Hanoi over the past three centuries. Although there are many modern works to grow up beside the Cathedral. But the Cathedral is still an architectural work that has made a special mark in the hearts of Hanoians and visitors.

In the ranking list of Top beautiful tourist spots in Hanoi's Origin Travel, Cathedral always occupied a special place.

3. Unique architecture of Hanoi Cathedral

Inside Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

Hanoi Cathedral is designed in the style of medieval Gothic architecture in Europe. This is a very popular architecture in the 12th century in the Renaissance in Europe.

In general, the Cathedral looks like the parish church of Notre Dame, the Catholic church that represents the Gothic style in France. The main materials used to build the church are terracotta tiles and mulle paper.

In general, the church is about 65m long, about 21m wide, two tower 32m high. With such height enough for visitors to see the magnificence, majesty of this cathedral. At the top of the church is a stone crucifix, below is a clock and statue, the highlight of the church architecture.

Outside looks very old-fashioned church with layers of lime color, tile roof moss. However, when entering the large door inside the church, visitors will be surprised when the subject of architecture, magnificent, magnificent unchanged over time.

According All things need to know of Hanoi. Many visitors feel the majesty of this project.

Entering the church, the first tourist attraction is probably the Holy House. The sanctuary in the church is decorated in traditional folk art, simple but eye catching. In the middle of the sanctuary is the statue of St. Joseph carrying Jesus, the two sides and around the altar with the altar of Mary and many other statues.

Below the cathedral are benches with kneeling tables to serve the laity at the Mass. With its spacious space, the Cathedral accommodates up to thousands of people. On major festivals such as Christmas (Christmas), the Cathedral attracts crowds of laypersons and visitors.

In the hall of the church, there is a large door, the two sides have two small doors for the convenience of parishioners and visitors. The doors and windows of the church are spiked with Gothic art. Inside the rolling doors are the paintings of the Saint with beautiful glass.

The church also has a valuable western bell (about 20,000 French francs at the time), including four small bells and a large bell. Next to it is a large clock that is attached to the church's front.

The church bell is intended to inform Christian activities of the time when the service began, baptism, marriage, or death. Unlike the sound and how the chime of the temple, the church bell has a beat fast, slow depending on the purpose of different announcements.

Outside the church there is a small square, which houses the statue of Our Lady of the metal. Below the statue of Lady there is a casket for people to light incense, surrounded by many green bowls.

Hanoi Cathedral is a special destination that attracts locals and visitors alike. The neighborhood around the church has long been a popular gathering place for young people and visitors. Just an ideal seat, enjoy drinking water and see the ancient church is enough to see the soul of extraordinary comfort.

Students in nearby schools also often gather in the playground. Couples, fiancé couples usually choose places around the church for dating, wedding photography.

With unique architecture and ancient, the Church always has a strange attraction with many visitors when arriving in Hanoi. At this point, visitors not only see a beautiful architecture but also learn how the activities of Catholics.

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