Chuong Conical Hat Village

Visiting Chuong conical hat village is well-known for its iconic product "non", which was recognised long ago in a saying: "Whoever wants a beautiful conical hat can come to Chuong village".

How Chuong Conical Hat Village is unique?

Situated 40 kilometres on the west of Hanoi city center, Chuong Conical Hat Village is well-known for its special product conical hat called "Non La" in Vietnamese, which has given a discreet charm to Vietnamese girls across from generations to generations; rich and poor, big cities and rural areas. In visitors mind, the hat has turn into a singular characteristic of Vietnamese traditional culture and is well-sought after.

A village of conical hat

Similar to Van Phuc Village with their high quality silks, Dong Ky furniture Village with their hearth crackers up to now and now refined wooden items, Chuong villagers have their very own delight for the well-known conical hat. Handed down through generations for hundreds of years, the village works quietly to protect and uphold the that longstanding custom of conical hat. Chuong Village's conical hats are robust, stunning and as soon as can be discovered at each corners of the country as the favorite head put on that shelter from the sun and the rain. These days, it is likely one of the most original souvenirs that guests can bring residence from Vietnam. Your Vietnam tours Hanoi will be more special if you cand spend a day tour to visit this village.

Affected person and meticulous

Materials for making conical harts are gathered from many areas across the country: silk thread from Trieu Khuc village in Hanoi, bamboo to make a wooden frame for the hats from Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa province, palm leaves from Quang Binh province. Where is very famous with Phong Nha Ke Bang.

A proper hat requires not only a intelligent hand but in addition the craftsmen's experience. Bamboo have to be break up into very skinny strings throughout the dry season after which then submerged in water to preclude tearing and breaking. Main rings of the body have to be even, smooth and shiny. The makers buy dark green palms, then clear them by sand and work them with a light-weight contact or in any other case they'll tear. After the step of treading the palms, they sun-season them. The palm will go from darkish inexperienced to white. The stronger the solar the whiter the palms will turn into. Earlier than using the palms, makers expose them briefly to sulfur to make them whiter and to protect the colour. Lastly, earlier than utilizing them, they're uncovered to frost to make them mushy, then break up and ironed. The palms and rings are then sewn collectively.

Making conical hat at Chuong Village

Chuong Village, with tons of of years of coaching, have been saved uniqueness of Vietnamese tradition imbued in every hat.

How to get to Chuong Village?

From Hanoi:

  • Take bus/taxi/motorbike from Hanoi to this village

Quick tips:

  • Most people in the village cannot speak English so Book a tour guide is highly recommended for Hanoi day tours at Origin Vietnam.

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