Appreciate Ha Noi culture with Hanoi tours by locals

Have you known all the fabulous places in Ha Noi City? Some places can only be fully appreciated if it was presented by an inhabitant. The following writing will introduce you to Ha Noi tours by locals.

From the North to the South, everywhere in Vietnam is a colorful picture for tourists to explore and experience. Each of the areas reflects the special culture and feature on its own. Some information below will present concretely Ha Noi tours by locals, the bustle and hustle capital of Vietnam.

The writing leads readers to Hanoi tours by locals including scenery, culture, entertainment, and cuisine.

1: The West Lake

The West Lake

The first indispensable destination in Ha Noi is the West Lake. Each season in the West Lake owes the beauty that you would not find anywhere else. It was also called by many different names. If you ask the locals, many would call it Xac Cao Pond. Some would call it Kim Nguu; Lang Bac Lake, and so on. This is the largest lake in Ha Noi city. Its area is over 500 ha towards to the North-West of Ha Noi City. A great number of people who live far from Ha Noi City like to come here at weekend. They all want to see the spectacular view at the West Lake.

In the winter, the West Lake has a special, icy appearance. But that only makes it more beautiful. Before of your eyes is the panorama of a vivid picture. But a local would recommend you to go to this destination in the summer. Because you can explore and fully “wallow in” in the nature. The streets become really remarkable next to the colorful flower gardens here and there. Especially, you are free to take perfect photographs of the lotus lake. Also, you can feel gentle and mild fragrance when the lotus is in full bloom.

2: Talk a walk around Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem)

Hoan Kiem Lake

Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) resembles the heart of the capital. Because it is located in the central of the city. Almost no foreign tourists would want to miss Sword Lake when they travel to Vietnam. A local can talk to you for hours about the stories and legends of this lake. It reflects historical and cultural traditions and the legend of local people. Next to Hoan Kiem Lake are impressive and invaluable works such as Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, etc. Sword Lake is not only stand out by the emerald water. But also a wide range of charming landscapes. No matter it is sunny or rainy, Hoan Kiem Lake keeps its simplicity and ancient. If someone sees Sword Lake from above, they will be extremely stunned by the special trait of Sword Lake. In the summer, Hoan Kiem Lake resembles a colorful picture (the red color of flamboyant, the purple of Lagerstroemia). Sword Lake becomes mild and gentle in the autumn. There is some sparkling drop ward on the green leaves. When the autumn goes and the winter comes, you can appreciate the scenery in Hoan Kiem Lake with the yellow leaves.

3: Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien Street

It is an important destination of tours in Ha Noi by locals. If foreign visitors have come to Vietnam more than once, they will definitely know Ta Hien Street. Ta Hien Street is considered as “a beer street” in the Ha Noi City. Coming here, you both drink cups of cold, unique beer of Hanoi and enjoy the yummy snacks. Residents of Hanoi often come here to enjoy beer with fried chicken, chips, lemon tea, and so on.

4: Bat Trang Pottery Village

Bat Trang Pottery Village

Yet another indispensable destination of Ha Noi is Bat Trang Pottery Village. Well, the place will be an excellent chance for you to understand the ancient cultural tradition of Vietnamese people. The workers are subtle to make fabulous works. What is more interesting, you can make the pottery on your own. This will give you the experience of being a Hanoi local in a day. Also, you can buy some of them to mark the trip to Vietnam or to give your friends.

There are still many more wonderful destinations in Ha Noi tours by locals. Each of the tourist attraction reflects its special facility. Hopefully, you can enjoy all on your trip. Reach out to Origin Travel if you want more information!

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