Tra Co Beach

Tra Co beach is the most beautiful beach in the North of Vietnam. The beach with white and smooth sand and blue sea water. Tra Co beach has now become a favorite stop over for visitors to Vietnam. Why the beach become more and more popular for tourist. Because it's the longest beach in the north of Vietnam. Also it's very close to China border. It's the most primitive and most romantic beach so it yearly attracts a lot of tourists.

tra co beach | Halong Bay tra co beach

How Tra Co Beach is Special?

While Halong bay & Bai Tu Long bay call mother & children dragon but Tra Co beach call as dragon tails.

Visitor come here will be curious about the beach. Because its beauty utilizing a tourist brochure. Also It is very useful for people with never set foot in the border area. Tra Co Beach is about 10km northeast of the centre of Mong Cai City. It's take about 15 minutes by bus.

The water very clean which you can see the mountains and rows of greenish trees reflected on the water. It would be an interesting experience for any visitor. The first point in the northeast of the S shaped Vietnam.

Blue sky in Tra Co Beach

From here where they can take pictures to show their presence there. Sa Vi Cape is situated at so that from there we may See Cape received, where the first milestone, No.1378, of the border between Vietnam and China are planted.

The fishing village is also situated on this boundary so there is a possibility to witness the life of the local fishermen.

Fishing boat in Tra Co

The locals have gotten used to the hardships and problems on the border so they're sturdy and resilient, but very welcoming for tourists. Following a couple of hours of catching fish with the locals, visitor will enjoy a comfortable family meal of fresh sea food right at the floating raft. During the early mid-day, tourist can visit Sa Vi riding tandem bicycles in the cool breezes blowing out of the sea. As opposed to other beaches, Tra Co Beach still preserves its primitive beauty, fascinating visitors.


After boat trip in Halong Bay you may interest this beach. You can take local bus from Bai Chay bus station. Address: QL279, Giếng Đáy, Tp. Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh

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