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Halong tours are very popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. To fully enjoy this wonderful place you need to be well-prepared. These Halong travel tips below are very useful for tourists to have a fantastic holiday in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay is located at the North East of Vietnam. It is part of the western Gulf of Tonkin. Includes the land of Ha Long City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don Island District. It borders Cat Ba Island to the west, with a coastline of 120 km. The bay has a total area of 1553 km2. It includes 1969 islands, of which 989 are named and 980 are not. Ha Long for its part are 434 km2 including 775 islands. Dau Go Island (west), Ba Ham Lake (south) and Cong Tay (east) form a triangle with three peaks. On the rocky islands are beautiful caves. They are especially fanciful with colored stalactites. All make Ha Long a very exciting trip for you. Therefore, let’s find out the our tips so that you can get the best out of Ha Long.

The ideal time for a trip to Halong

Halong has four distinct seasons. Especially in winter (from November to March of the following year) the weather is generally very cold. And the summer (from April to October) it is very hot.

But in winter, Halong Bay attracts foreign visitors to beautiful beaches. Vietnamese tourists usually visit the city of Ha Long in summer. Summer is the official tourist season of Ha Long. So you may want to avoid traveling to Ha Long on June - July. The weekends of June - July is the peak days of the tourist season. So Halong are very busy and the cost of services is usually higher.

In addition, according to the law of nature, June-July is the month when there are many typhoons in the Gulf of Tonkin and Ha Long. It may be better to visit Halong earlier (from January to May) or to come here a little later (from August to November).

Some Halong travel tips about cuisine

1# Banh cuon cha muc

Banh cuon cha muc

When wandering on a street next to Bach Dang Theater in Ha Long City, you will see a banh cuon stall. Banh cuon is a popular dish in Vietnam. But people usually eat it with pork. On the other hand Banh cuon cha muc in this street food shop is unlike anything else. The thin banh cuon are skillfully coated and mixed with minced meat. Along with mushrooms and onion. When eating with cha muc it makes a very special flavor. The scent of the banh cuon, pemmican , onions are mixed with the fresh taste of squid and sauce. This creates a wonderful combination!

2# Be be noodle

Be be noodle

A very strange name added to the list of delicious dishes of Halong cuisine. In fact, the be be is a kind similar to the shrimp. Fresh be be is taken from the sea of Quang Ninh. After initial processing, the shell surface is cooked together with the bone to make the sauce. In a bowl of noodle there are other ingredients such as sweet cabbage, tomatoes, shrimp and other herbs. This is to enhance the flavor of the dish.

3# Tai long ep cake

Tai long ep cake

This cake is made from the skillful hand of the San Diu. At first glance, you will see that the cake is quite similar to the thot not cake in the West of Vietnam. Only that the color is a little darker. Although the appearance is extremely simple, t how to make this cake is quite elaborate and complicated. The sweet aroma of the food is sure to make you never forget.

4# Tien Yen Hill Chicken

Tien Yen Hill Chicken

If you go on travel blogs, you will see many good compliments about chicken Tien Yen chicken. This is the can not-miss food in Ha Long. Every day they wander freely. So the meat is very long, firm, sweet, without any fat.

5# Enjoy Pearl yogurt

It is a popular street food in Ha Long that you can not miss. Pearl yogurt is a bottle of pretty cool yogurt and a bowl of coconut juice with hot pearl. Mix them together and try a spoonful of cold yogurt mixed with coconut milk and hot pearl. You will have a pretty enjoyable experience with this dish!

Here are some fun Ha Long travel tips to make your trip better than ever. Let’s pack your bag and book a tour to Vietnam right now! If you need any more advice or information, contact Origin Travel.

For full travel tips before you go to Halong you may visit here.

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