The Best Cruise Trip in Halong Bay

Are you looking for Vietnam vacation ideas in the summer? Today, Origin Vietnam will provide useful information about a Cruise trip in Halong Bay. Read on to find out about a wonderful trip waiting for you to explore.

Vietnam has a huge number of interesting destinations for visitors. From the mountains to the sea, the vacation packages are abundant. But Ha Long Bay is still one of the favorite options. In recent years, with the rapid development of the fleet of night service operators in Halong Bay, competition for service quality and price has been increasing. Halong cruises become popular choices for guests traveling to Vietnam. In this article, we would like to share the experiences of a cruise trip in Halong Bay.

1: Choose a suitable cruise

best cruise trip in Halong Bay

In Ha Long, there are hundreds of fleet of night service ships on the bay. And along with it are a lot of different service styles and Vietnam tours agents. To have a comfortable, safe and happy trip, you should refer to the following suggestions to have the best night trip on Halong Bay.

2: Budget

Paradise Luxury cruise - Halong Bay

If you are a high-paying and often seek for high-end service provider, do not hesitate to opt for a reputable, high-quality, award-winning fleet.

  • Luxury 5 stars Cruises: This is the most advanced line of cruise. So it comes with a high price. The following are some of the worthiest ships on Ha Long Bay: Paradise Luxury; Au Co; Star Light; Victoy Star... Usually the cost ranges from: 3.200.000 to 13.500.000 VND per people. This price is only applicable for summer. In the winter the price is much higher
  • Deluxe 4 stars: Syrena; Emeraude; Paloma; Emotion; Bhaya, Dragon Pearl, Calypso... These cruise are excellent representatives of the 4-star line of night service in Cruise trip in Halong Bay. Reference prices range from 2,500,000 to 2,900,000 VND /adult. This price is also for summer only
  • Superior 3 stars: This is the line of ships with the most fishing fleet involved. The most prominent of which are the ship: V'spirt; Oriental Sails; Huong Hai; Phoenix; Golden Lotus Garden; Aclass... Reference prices range from 1,300,000 to 2,000,000 VND per adult.

3: Decorating Style

There are many ships in Ha Long. But we can divide the Ha Long fleet into two different styles:

Steel type: Usually ships of 4 and 5 stars line often use steel shell design. This is to create modern, majestic, new looks. Cruises of this type are: Au Co; Star Light, Emotion; Emeraude...

Wooden type: Typically designed with a prominent image of Oriental culture, the 3 - 4 stars lines often use wooden barkings as images. Many foreigners booked our Vietnam tours prefer to sleep on wooden ships. The prominent cruises are: Paradise Luxury, Victoria Star, Paloma, Bhaya, Aphrodite, V'spirt; Oriental Sails; Huong Hai; Bai Tho Junk...

All night cruises operating on Ha Long Bay must be equipped with life jackets in the cabin. If you do not find it, you should inform the ship manager immediately.

4: Select the schedule

Era Cruise - Lan Ha Bay

There are a variety of schedule for a cruise trip in Halong Bay to suit travelers’ expectation. The following are some of the itineraries for you to refer to:

  • Visiting Bai Tu Long Bay + Halong: there are high class ships such as Indochina Junks, Syrena, Emeraude...
  • Visiting Halong Bay only: Au Co; Star Light, Emotion, V'spirt; Oriental Sails; Huong Hai; Bai Tho; Golden Lotus Garden; Garden bay...
  • Visit Bai Tu Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay - Halong Bay: Like Era cruise, but to go all three places of the bay, you usually have to register under the program 03 days - 02 nights. Usually 3-day trip of any ship goes on this a journey.

5: Choosing a cabin when you attend Cruise

You can choose from a variety of cabinets. Whether with no window, cabin with sea view or suite with private balcony. Each cabin comes with different equipment and cost.

  • If you travel with children you should choose the ship or cabin without private balcony. This is to ensure safety, in addition should choose the cabin far from the engine room to avoid noise.
  • If you are a seasick you should choose cabin on the lower floor. Or cabin arranged in the middle of the ship to minimize vibration.
  • If going by couple you should choose rooms with private balcony to enjoy the romantic moment. You can enjoy watching the sunset and sunrise in a private space (Au Co, Victoria Star, Paradise).

You should leave your worries aside to enjoy Cruise in Halong Bay. Origin Vietnam hope that this article has brought you some useful tips for your Vietnam travel tour. Contact Origin Vietnam for more information about Halong Bay tours at

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