Swimming in Halong Bay

1,2,3 Jump - Amazing. What could be more adventures to jump from cruise to the water in Halong Bay. As you had known that Halong Bay is one of the best destination in Vietnam for swimming. There are many beautiful beaches lying beside islands with tranquil tides, clean, and green water.

How Swimming in Halong Bay is one of the top activities?

Sure you will get a lot more enjoyable if you can to swim far away from beach if possible or diving out of a cruise. You will see the water there's a lot more transparent. But beside that the calm tides always have hidden hazards. So we would like to give you some safety guide before swimming in Ha Long Bay.

  • Must follow the regulation & condition of the swimming area
  • It's could be the best to swim with group
  • Ha Long sea water year around 19 to 25 degree.
  • Do not swim too early in the morning or lately in the afternoon
  • Know your own swimming skill to select appropriate beach activities.
  • Diving as deep as possible to avoid the big waves in case if you do not have time to get away from it.
  • Only jump to the water after get useful information from tour guide.
  • Before get in to the water - look around for jerry-fish (Some time get jerry-fish in Halong Bay)
  • While surfing, do not ride waves in a direct line toward the coast. Instead, surf in a small angle to the waves. Keep from the white water in center of the tide to avoid over the falls.
  • Never float in deep water or whenever you do not know precisely how deep it is.
  • Never swim while intoxicated. Precedents of death due to hypothermia along with other accidents have been listed in Halong.
  • Should not to sunbath too long, you might catch sunburn.
  • Halong Bay water is really warm during winter don't hesitate to swim or dive from the crap, however, attempt to pay for yourselves instantly when you're done with the swimming since you may catch a cold. The warmth during winter may get as low as 10-15 degree.

Special note

If you hit jerry-fish. Pls do not touch on the skin where jerry-fish was - Let's go back to boat immediately. Almost Overnight cruise in Halong Bay's captain, cruise staff and tour guide will help you to make you feel better. Recommend you swim at pearl farm. Where water so wonderful for swimming. And visit all things need to know before travel Halong Bay at Origin Vietnam.

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